My Man George. He’s cool under fire

Watch how calm W is under fire. That’s My Man!

Now imagine what would happen in a similar situation if Kerry had  won the election.


Thanks again Mr. President for the class that you have shown during your watch.

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  1. W was agile and mobile, but not hostile.
    He thought the whole thing was funny.
    So did I.

    Did you hear what the culprit said, as he was being taken down?
    Don’t taz me, bro’! 😆

  2. I know the shoeless dumbass would like to make this story about him, but he can’t. He only made it funny.
    This is what W came for.

  3. Don’t taz me, bro…..priceless.

    Then again, so is that video you linked.

  4. Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up

  5. I was very impressed by President Bush’s reflexes. Kerry would have been toast.

  6. Shane, did you also notice he called off the security? It’s not evident in the short version of the video, but that’s another cool move not very much noticed. I’ve heard some people dissing his body guards for not reacting quick enough. Everyone was pre-screened and if a couple of shoes are flung we are in pretty good shape unless like you say, it was Kerry on the receiving end.
    Yep, W is my man. We will miss him. Mark My Words. 😉

  7. Shane,
    The difference is that if Kerry were standing there the show would have hit him in the chest, not the face. Bush is like five inches shorter than Kerry.
    And Robert,
    I can’t start “missing” W soon enough.

  8. Carl
    The difference is that if Kerry were standing there the show would have hit him in the chest, not the face.

    Shoe, show, whatever. But you got the point. I’m impressed.

    And good luck with that third Clinton term there. Hope and change my ass. What a fraud.

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