Obama:Time’s Man Of The Year?

This guy?


I need not delve into their justification for selecting this stoner. I’m certain it is because he is the first biracial PEOTUS, and not because he is the least experienced, least known candidate in the history of this country.

Spleef on, B-HO.
Your Lapdog loves you.

7 Responses

  1. Maybe he deserves it. He did pull off the biggest scam in political history. Man of the Year isn’t always for good deeds.

  2. No, you’re right, it isn’t.
    Ol’Pootey-Poot won it last year.
    Looking back over the years, at least they got it right with Gingrich and W, whatever their liberal perspective was at the time.

  3. barry bogart

  4. Henh.
    He ain’t from Maui, but sure looks like Wowie!

  5. Of course Time Magazine is going to be naming him “Person of the year”. The board that names it is filled with radical Socialists that sympathize with Black Liberation Theology. They only named President Bush ‘Person of the Year’ twice, and only because they were put under pressure by the American people. Everyone else that makes their list has a liberal agenda.

    This is the magazine that named Kenneth Starr, along with Bill Clinton, “Person of the Year” in 1998, just after Vince Foster’s death.

  6. I had to look up “spleef”. Me, in California. In Northern California! 😆 Y’all got some strange language….

  7. Hey, I don’t make these names up.

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