The era of obamanomics begins

Breaking: Senate passes obama spending package 60-38. The president’s signature is all that is needed to begin the era of obamanomics. (BTW, Collins, Snowe and Specter voted yes.  bless’em)

usaupsidedownflaganationindistressCongress passed the final version of a $787 billion economic stimulus plan aimed at jolting the slumping U.S. economy, sending the legislation to President Obama’s desk for his signature.

The bill passed the Senate late Friday night after Democratic leadership held the vote open for several hours to allow one member, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, to return to Washington to cast the deciding vote. He had flown back from Ohio, where his mother died earlier in the week.

The bill passed in the Senate with 60 votes. The House approved the measure earlier in the day by a vote of 246-183, with no Republican “yes” votes and one member voting present.

8 Responses

  1. Screw ’em. I’m not paying for it.

  2. Nope. but your grand youngins will

  3. Let’s get to work on the mid-term.
    Maybe we can spare our grandbabies some walking around money for the future.

  4. mid-term targeting ….

    State (district) Member Status
    Alabama (2) Bobby Bright Democrat Pickup
    Alabama (5) Parker Griffith Democrat Pickup
    Arizona (1) Ann Leilia Kirkpatrick Democrat Pickup
    California (4) Tom McClintock Republican Pickup
    Colorado (4) Betsy Markey Democrat Pickup
    Connecticut (4) James Himes Democrat Pickup
    Florida (16) Tom Rooney Republican Pickup
    Florida (24) Suzanne Kosmas Democrat Pickup
    Florida (8) Alan Grayson Democrat Pickup
    Idaho (1) Walt Minnick Democrat Pickup
    Illinois (11) Debbie Halvorson Democrat Pickup
    Kansas (2) Lynn Jenkins Republican Pickup
    Louisiana (6) Bill Cassidy Republican Pickup
    Maryland (1) Frank Kratovil Democrat Pickup
    Michigan (7) Mark Schauer Democrat Pickup
    Michigan (9) Gary Peters Democrat Pickup
    Nevada (3) Dina Titus Democrat Pickup
    New Jersey (3) John Adler Democrat Pickup
    New Mexico (1) Martin Heinrich Democrat Pickup
    New Mexico (2) Harry Teague Democrat Pickup
    New York (13) Mike McMahon Democrat Pickup
    New York (25) Dan Maffei Democrat Pickup
    North Carolina (8) Larry Kissell Democrat Pickup
    Ohio (1) Steven Driehaus Democrat Pickup
    Ohio (15) Mary Jo Kilroy Democrat Pickup
    Ohio (16) John Boccieri Democrat Pickup
    Pennsylvania (3) Kathy Dahlkemper Democrat Pickup
    Texas (22) Pete Olson Republican Pickup
    Virginia (11) Gerald Connolly Democrat Pickup
    Virginia (2) Glenn Nye Democrat Pickup
    Virginia (5) Tom Perriello Democrat Pickup

  5. Quick…Food channel.
    /smoked meatloaf…..mmmmmm

  6. I’ll teach my grand younguns about entrepreneurship and hiding income.

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