Waiting on the big squeeze

Articles like this one seem to be the rule rather than the exception these days.

Brace yourself: The recession is projected to worsen this year.

I’m getting the same sort of feeling that I get when watching a big hurricane spinning around in the Gulf. Except, instead of trying to prepare for several days of turmoil, I get the feeling that this may be impossible to prepare for: the damage too great, the recovery period too long.

I hate this.

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  1. *sigh* Us, too. SwampMan and I are paying off everything possible and living *very* frugally, keeping the old vehicles going instead of buying new one(s) when the house is paid off in April, investing in tools that we may not be able to afford during inflationary times or a full-blown depression, we’re buying ammo every pay day, got a german shepherd pup to help keep an eye on the place, and we’re putting in raised bed gardens a la Mel Bartholomew.

    I don’t know what else to do, Nuke. If I didn’t think the shit hasn’t even BEGUN to hit the fan yet, I’d be buying stock.

    Well, we need to come up with some alternative energy arrangements, but we haven’t decided which way to go on that yet.

  2. the only stock I would buy right now would be livestock

  3. Well, I have been blessed with that. Although SwampMan previously would have spelled that “c-u-r-s-e-d”. Now he asked me not to sell any more, not even the chickens and ducks that he hates so much.

  4. I don’t expect the gummint is going to be collectin’ much in the way of capital gains taxes even if they do jack it waaaay up.

  5. You’re right, nuke, we are royally fornicated.
    Harry Reid, the alleged man that has the uncanny ability to be wrong about…..everything, has said…”the economy is turning around.”
    Glad I have a fall back position in the boonies, but would rather go there for pleasure, not subsistence.

  6. Subsistence sucks, but better than the alternative of starving.

  7. Yes ma’am, it do.

    On another note, I checked in on lgf2 over the weekend, and there has been a stampede of lgfers to lgf2.
    Seems CJ is reeeeaaally losing it, and his threads are dominated by anti-creation, anti-intelligent design, anti-Christianity, and attacks on Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, and folks are fed up. Leaving nice long rants on their way out the door, as he bans people for even down-dinging one of his threads, or disagreeing with him.
    Glad we bugged out when we did.
    We be prescient.

  8. Well, I just did some shopping for a few extra goodies for the pantry.

  9. Those are some expensive comestibles.
    Might want to look into these.

  10. definitely good prices on the mre’s.

  11. I looked at a small place in the county yesterday. Shotgun cabin on an acre and a half. Started to write the guy a check, but I decided against it.

    I figure being in a small town might have some advantages over being isolated. If we can make it past the free lunch parasites

  12. As long as the country place has a good source of water, fish, and wildlife, and is defensible, it is ideal.
    Without those things, it would be just a good remote location to die.

  13. Type in meals ready to eat in your search engine, there are other places that have them.
    I like CTD, and have visited their show room in Ft. Worth many times. Usually walk out several hundred dollars lighter, too. They have everything.

  14. I bookmarked it.

    It looks like the nuke hacienda will be the gathering refuge for 10-16 of us. Been buying in bulk.

    The main thing I lack now is a decent perimeter fence. The front yard is a problem, because it still has to be presentable, combining function and appearance. Big bucks fo sho

  15. If TSHTF, you could put up some barriers, creating two defensible spaces.
    Not easy to get in, damn near impossible to get out, is what you want.
    Also, an elevated position that is defendable.

  16. I might ask you to go into detail on the phone, or in an email

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