OMG, another freaking tax cheat

Is there any wonder why obama and his minions don’t mind raising taxes?  They don’t plan to pay them.

Today’s tax cheater? None other than Gregory Craig.

Operating a business out of one’s home in D.C. requires a home occupation permit and registration with the city’s division of corporations. Additionally, the government has instituted a new requirement for business license permits.

A spokesman at the Washington D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs told Gawker that no one has ever sought any kind of permit or registration for a business under the name of Noyes Graphics or at the Craigs’ home address. By not registering Craig may have avoided local business taxes.

Private investigator Joseph Culligan looked into business records for Noyes Graphics, which is run out of the Craigs’ home, and found Dun & Bradstreet records showing substantial annual sales, a Yellow Pages listing, and an online listing inviting customers to visit the business at her home address (now posted on

And a source within the D.C. government has told Culligan that authorities have begun a full-fledged investigation into Noyes Graphics. (The spokesman would not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.)  source (gawker)

Shameless bastids!

6 Responses

  1. I’ve never seen anything like it. Is there a politician out there that doesn’t think they above the law?

  2. I wouldn’t comply with that shameless money grab by the municipality, either.

    Screw ’em.

  3. What is stunningly hypocritical, however, is that the very people that are cheating on taxes and regulations now are gleefully participating in creating even more onerous taxes and regulations that they expect everybody else to follow, just not them or their colleagues. If refusing to pay taxes on income and refusing to follow rules is good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

  4. I hope they nail that SOB for this.
    I’m still hoping the “wheel” effect will grind his ass, after being Castro’s attorney in the Elian Gonzalez case.

  5. The left is pulling a “Sarah Palin” on Bobby Jindal.
    VIDEO PROOF the Left Is Lying About Bobby Jindal

  6. Dang, Rush kicked some booty at CPAC.

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