Pat Toomey: Opportunist to the rescue

Pat Toomey hints he might mount a primary challenge to Arlen Specter in 2010.

I can’t wait.

So, why would this self-serving prick leave his cush meal ticket as Club for Growth president to run for the Senate?

I guess he’s just bored.

C’mon Pat.  The water’s fine.  Jump on in.

Accomplishments of Pat Toomey:  I can’t find any.  Even Wikipedia has nothing to brag about, except that he served 3 terms in the House and ran (and lost) against Specter in ’04.

You would probably have more luck in searching for French military victories

Read more at The Hill

7 Responses

  1. He will never have a better opportunity than this, now that Arlen Sphincter is in trouble.
    I wonder what the Country Club would do with him gone?

  2. Hey Nuke,

    Your boy Arlen (just like Huckabee on taxes) Specter just caved on card check because of Toomey. You Huckabites make me sick.

  3. good ole charlie, our visiting troll from the Stephens Group.

    Y’all remember the Stephens Group, don’t you? And Stevie boy’s blood feud with Mike Huckabee?
    In case you’ve forgotten, Here is the link. And, just in case you begin to start buying into the toomster’s faux fiscal conservative blather, don’t forget about the Steve Stephen’s special earmark, and here is one more link to recall about poodle-boy’s subservience to the silk-stocking set.

    Frankly Charlie, I don’t give a rat’s azz about arlen specter. But I would vote for dog poop before I would vote for the toomster.

  4. Aww hellzbellz Charlie.

    You jerkoffs at the Stephens Group want to start trolling me again?

    I guess it’s time to start dragging out the Toomey hit-pieces.

    • Toomey.
      He couldn’t beat Specter before, because he couldn’t beat the donk candidate, even though Specter is a donk in a pach costume.
      So big whoop if he beats Specter, the dumbasses will just vote for a real donk this time, and Toomey will go back to the Country Club For Growth.
      Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mike Huckabee has a hit tv show, and a more recognizable face and name with the general public. Mike’s future is getting brighter by the day, while the Country Club set knashes their teeth in envy.

  5. Toomey cannot win in PA even with Specter running as a democrat. Toomey showed again how well he can lie by claiming to have no position on torture.

    Pat Toomey, too extreme for pennsyltucky.

    btw – didn’t he leave Club for Growth so that he can be on the receiving end of the Club for Growth PAC money machine? Ah, yes. Economic freedom.

    Meanwhile, Pat Toomey’s Tour for Torture continues marching thru the pennsyltucky countryside. Will these rebels do what Robert E. Lee’s corps failed to do in Gettysburg all those years ago? Or will this fine commonwealth again rise up against the extremism of a small group advocating for an un-American way of life?

  6. Torture, sk?
    You must be referring to the liberal lie that “waterboarding” is torture.
    Nah, that’s not torture, the current president has taken torture to the highest level in history, by advocating more and more innocent unborn infants be tortured to death with a burning saline solution.
    Now, that’s torture!

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