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Here are a few stories of interest this morning …

Remember Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity Church in Chicago?  Of course, who can forget “G-D America.” Paul Ibrahim, writing at North Star describes his recent visit to Trinity Church. Here is an excerpt:

As a Christian, I was stunned that a Christian pastor was partitioning me from those sitting immediately next to me based on nothing but our skin colors. I suddenly felt unwelcome. And at the conclusion of Parker’s speech, I had no choice but to quietly leave.


Gregg Harper, freshman congressman from Mississippi, has (along with 9 others) co-sponsored a bill to exempt residents of Washington DC from income tax. It’s called “The no taxation without representation act.”

(From Pike County Times)

So, if I’m reading this right, DC lobbyists will not have to pay income taxes? C’mon Gregg! K Street must love this bill, but it sure won’t fly on Main Street.


Finally, here is a story about a creepy sounding disease that has been flying under the radar, called morgellons … As is you didn’t have enough to worry about …

Morgellons is a terrifying disease reaching pandemic status. Yet because the symptoms of the disease are so bizarre, people who have it tend to withdraw and become isolated from society. With mysterious fibers and parasites coming through lesions in their skin, Morgellons sufferers often live in fear. As a result there is no pressure on the medical establishment to become educated about the disease, and most practitioners continue to view it as isolated instances of delusional parasitosis..

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  1. Parker’s words were fiery, à la Jeremiah Wright. And the congregation absorbed them enthusiastically. I, a Lebanese-born Arab who grew up in a war-time bunker and under the grip of a totalitarian Syrian regime, was being attacked by Parker as an institutional racist for the reason that I am a conservative, a capitalist and an opponent of political correctness who passionately believes that America is, on the whole, very fair to blacks.

    Very disturbing, but not surprising, to find out it really is a church filled with blacks that hate whites. The victim role must be constantly cultivated to keep the congregation on the “plantation”.

  2. it’s a damn shame.

    • Yes it is. Some day they will wake up, but not in the next 4 yrs at least.

  3. Wait…hold on, just one minute.
    You mean Jeremiah Wright’s church, and parishioners are waythists?

  4. I know. Look surprised.

  5. Have you seen the Lex Luthor needs a bailout video?
    Tried to post it, but only an embed code, which wouldn’t work.

  6. got it!

  7. Thanks…too funny.

    Keep an eye on this event.

  8. One of the bad things about morgellons is that there is no “one treatment fits all” approach. What works for one morgellons sufferer does not work for another. Morgellons is almost like an aids virus type. It mutates so that it cannot be fully destroyed. Morgellons is a nightmare and a nightmare coming to everyone soon if nobody finds a way to conquer it.

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