Bus tour of AIG homes by ACORN front group

Brian Lockhart, writing at The Advocate

Just got a press release a little while ago that the Working Families Party has scheduled “a fun, goofy AIG protest” for Saturday that entails chartering a bus to take activists on tours of some employee homes in lower Fairfield County.

“Then we’ll be finishing the tour with a rally at the AIG Financial Products offices (in Wilton),” reads the release.

I don’t know. There’s something about this that just seems a bit … off to me, like it’s inviting potential threats or harm to these people.

Of course it is.

It is radical left-wing  populism run amok, and  ACORN is the worst of the worst.

Their modus operandi is to openly flout the rule of law, and then dare anyone who might try to hold them accountable with threats of loud, angry, potentially violent, and (of course) televised protests, all the while claiming the protected and privileged mantle of victimhood.


ACORN is nothing more than a well-funded effort to strip away the Bill of Rights.

They must be stopped.  Yes we can.


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread:  a free speech zone.  Track-backs welcome.

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