Would You Shake Hands with a Jew?

Man on the street interview in Saudi Arabia ….

My conclusion: There will be not be peace in the Middle East, without victory.

The silliness of forcing Israel to the bargaining table to fulfill some nutburger’s dream of a “peace process” is revealed by this video.

(h/t ECR)

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5 Responses

  1. If you don’t agree with terror,then why act as though Israel
    is a terror??? Agreeing on one side,needs to be accepted on the other!Its called:Ellimination,substitution…Basic algebra/=spiritual abilities…

  2. Did the videographer go to Israel and ask Jews the same question of shaking hands with Saudis?
    The average Jew isn’t as brain washed and uneducated as the average Arab. Jews in Israel are busy making life better for themselves and others, and not stewing in the juices of hate, like most Arabs.

  3. Since the Arabs consider us infidels and friends of Israel, I guess their hate won’t let them shake our hands either. So be it.

  4. And there you have it folks, the religion of peace speaks volumes.

    BTW…I had to shake hands with a Palestinian in Atlanta the other day. Should I have cut off his head instead?

  5. cooties

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