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  1. Those little ankle biters ain’t workin’ near fast enough. FASTER, damnit! Interest is piling up!

  2. I don’t understand.
    Was this originally a moveon video, and RedState took it and used it for a different purpose?
    BTW, the market rally the last two days is only because B-HO is out of town. The day he comes back, it will flop again.
    It’s a trend.

  3. yeah. moveon used this vid when deficits were baaaaaad, and evil republicans were in charge

  4. That was the impression I had, but was unclear.

  5. As deep as we are going the kids are too old to pay it off!

  6. It’s going to take our kids, their kids and their kid’s kids.

  7. Looks like we better start makin’ more chilluns so’s we can put their asses to work.

  8. What’s this “we” bidness swampie.

  9. Hey, I’ve already done MY part.

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