Conduct unbecoming POTUS

Obama bows to the king of saudi arabia.



update:  here is the video (@54 seconds)

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  1. Puke time!

  2. Hasn’t all of his conduct been unbecoming?

  3. What’s worse is that people defend the fact that Michelle did not curtsy to Queen Elizabeth the other day, on the grounds of us being a sovereign nation that does not bow/curtsy to other sovereigns.

    Well, I think that tells us all we need to know about the Left – there’s a hierarchy, and we aren’t at the top.

  4. He isn’t bowing because of his status as King, but because he is another of B-HO’s dark overlords.
    And keeper of the Kabba.

  5. Here’s a different approach:

  6. Have you all heard and seen how bad POTUS has been in Europe?
    2010 may be to late!

  7. Hey nuke, thanks for showing me that webpage on links lets see if I learned anything. A Tale of Two Bows, starring Barack Obama

  8. Lets try again. A tale of two bows.

  9. YES YES FINALLY IT LIVES!! Thank you.

  10. 😎

  11. Ya wonder why he might bow to a muslim? He is a Link

    He gave his first interview as President to al arabiya.

    What more do you need to know?

  12. He sure didn’t do anything to quell the “obama is a muslim” story, did he.

  13. No, he didn’t.

    (if ya want to clean my mess up a bit i won’t mind) 😕

  14. no probs amigo. We don’t keep score for family around here

  15. Speaking of conduct unbecoming. North Korea Launches Rocket, Defying World Pressure

  16. Please tell me that this is just a bad dream guys.

    • Ya know crock hunter, it kinda is like a bad dream but hopefully it will end after 4 years. But he is making Carter look good.

  17. Thanks for the heads up Robert.

  18. Who do we have that can beat him 4 years from now?

    • I’m thinking by the time he’s done it will be just about anyone but another democrat.
      And more directly to your point. Lets think about the 2010 elections first and see if we can make some gains there. I’m not sure who will emerge as the top candidate but you know I like Huck, Sarah, Jindal, Romney and Jeb. Those are the popular ones. There are some others that will pop up as the “The One” fails to deliver and I reserve the right to be right about them. (without naming them of course)

      • I’m still kinda likin’ Petraeus, even though I don’t know a lot about him, except he’s smart, tough, and has gotten rid of a lot of bad players.

  19. That’s the bad thing it’s a group mess right now. I just found this tidbit. one down

  20. saw that over at FR. Seems to be a lot of conservatives angry about the ouster, but I don’t know too much about Virginia politics.

  21. calling it a night .. g’nite all

  22. g’nite nuke. i’m headin’ that way myself

  23. Night guys.

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