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  1. How flippin true.

  2. This is eeerie, but hardly surprising for the messiah’s flatbelly followers – The video has been removed by youtube.

    Any criticism of the ‘dear leader’ will be crushed, by any means possible.

  3. the video doesn’t exist. In fact, it never existed at all.

    Back to sleep America

  4. Comrade Stalin would be proud of his Big Zer0 disciple.

    What 70 years of communism couldn’t do is now coming out of the white house.

    On yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh (God bless his soul, a beacon of light in a world descending into darkness) a Russian immigrant caller, Victor, explained how the big 0 and the policies is scaring him, the Obamination is playing by the book of a communist takeover, he also told that his parents grew up under the rule of Stalin, and people back then talked about, regarding the atrocities and communist thuggery “That if only comrade Stalin knew what was happening”, the same ignorance can be seen today….

    The Teleprompter and the ‘untitled’ goons behind the obamabot knows exactly what they are up to.

    As a freedom loving Dane and one who loves America and individual liberty, freedom, the Socialist takeover of the US is scaring the sh*t out of me, as things goes an outright war would be a relief.

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