You might just be a “right wing extremist”

If you have read the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and U.S. Constitution more than once … you might just be a right-wing extremist.

And, if you believe that labor unions should be subjected to anti-trust laws … you might just be a right wing extremist.

If you have never committed adultery or had gay sex … you might just be a right wing extremist.

If you believe that preventing voter fraud is more important than empowering illegal aliens, felons, and the deceased with the vote … then there’s no doubt about it. You, my friend are a right wing extremist.

John Lillpop has the definitive look at the scourge of right-wing extremism.

If You —

# Were born in the Deep South
# Believe that 9/11 was more serious than Watergate
# Wear an American flag in your lapel
# Knowingly listen to Rush Limbaugh
# Speak and write perfect English, but no Spanish
# Own more than two Bibles or one Confederate Flag
# Believe that Jesus Christ means eternal life
# Support the rule of law and maintenance of law and order
# Want America’s borders secured
# Believe that Mexico is a foreign nation and Spanish a foreign language
# Thank God that the U.S. won both world wars
# Oppose affirmative action, abortion, same-sex marriage, and gun control
# Believe that fighting higher taxes is more patriotic than paying them
# Prefer “Patriot’s Tea” to Obama Kool-aid
# Doubt that Islam is really a “Religion of Peace”
# Believe that a baby Jew born to a virgin 2009 years ago saved mankind from sin
# Send out Christmas cards
# Attend a Christian church on occasions other than Christmas and Easter.
# Sing the National Anthem with your hand over your heart
# Fly Old Glory on Flag Day and Independence Day

you just might be a right wing extremist

*with a wink and a nod to Jeff Foxworthy

Update: n2l has a picture of the extremist that Obama’s DHS is so afraid of …

30 Responses

  1. yup, just might be. listening to Rush right now.


  3. Not an extremist, just a ridiculously idiotic Republican American.

  4. […] having said all of this, bloggers like Generic rant, Cdat 88, Nukegingrich (whose point, I can’t decipher especially when he appears to claim that the document is […]

  5. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

    • Amen nuke.

      And some people will stand on the railroad track and watch in amazement as the train grows bigger,

      • The left has successfully balkanized the USA. Their rhetoric has been over the top since Florida 2000. Now, they have the power of the government to impose their ideology by attempting to criminalize political opponents.

        4 years under obama’s theocracy = hugo chavez’s venezuelan socialist utopia. mob rule

  6. Don’t forget about us “bitter clingers.”

  7. perfect pic!

  8. Talk about nut jobs:
    Founders were domestic terrorists

  9. […] Security “Report on Rightwing Extremism”. Because it’s fairly easy to be a Right Wing Extremist. Homeland Security Warns of Rise in Right-Wing […]

  10. All right Gov. Perry has grown some cojones. Lets see what he does now to back it up.

    That’s real scary Robert.

  11. Yep, Robert D, lots of us “bitter clingers” here in Tejas.

    • I tell ya n2l, if we were younger we would seriously consider moving out there by you.

      • Robert D, there are plenty of us older folks here.
        With the latest sales tax increase in Cali, and the state is still near bankruptcy, I wouldn’t wait until you had to move.
        We may not have the mountains, or snow, but what we do have is more nice weather than not.

  12. Proud of it too!!

  13. I watched some of the SA tea party on Beck. Looked like a great time!

    • I dvr-ed his show, and it looked like a good time.
      The Nuge was ripping off some fine riffs.
      Robbie, over at UG, went to the one in Austin, and took some great pics, and has video of Gov. Perry.

      • You’re going to love it. The national anthem was pretty dang good.

        And as for moving to Texas n2l, that would take more than you know. If age was all we were talking about, I’d head that way in a heartbeat.

  14. Lets turn it around for once.
    what it takes to be a left wing extremist

  15. I attended the TEA party at the Landing. There are a LOT of seriously pissed off people out there.

  16. Robert D, moving sucks.

  17. I’m actually more of a libertarian potential terrorist.

    /Yeah, we’re terrorists in Washington, all right. We want to take the charge card away from the folks that do not understand that somebody has to pay for the borrowing.

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