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  1. Yes indeed! The more he sees of this will make his already oversized head explode. 😆

  2. yeah, kind like this

  3. Heh.

  4. Oh my! 😯

  5. Awesome!

  6. Well, Ol’Chuckles wanted a war with Pam and Robert and….well, just about everybody, it seems.
    He should have known better than to get into a battle of wits with Pam, when he had no ammo.

  7. I don’t think he ever realized that what made his blog special was the variety and depth of the comments. I guess it all went to his head.

    Or, maybe he’s just on crack.

  8. It’s an echo chamber now. Any dissent, any fundamental deviation away from his approved positions, and he bans them. Especially if one espouses any belief or support for creationism, intelligent design, or seeing a vault copy of B-HO’s birth certificate.
    I’m inclined to think he was always a liberal, and is now reverting back…hard.

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