Small Car Safety Problems: It’s physics, stupid

Obama’s plan to put everyone in high-mileage vehicles by 2016 is much like any utopian dream. The goals are noble — saving the planet, reducing fuel consumption, yada, yada, yada…

BUT, as with most  fantasies, it is the unintended consequences that come back to haunt us.

In this case, it is the safety issue.  This CBS report from the Insurance Institute should sound a warning to everyone.

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more about “Small Car Safety Problems“, posted with vodpod

It is, in fact, another great example of “Life Imitates Limbaugh.” (In a Yugo)

More at HA: raising car prices and killing people

7 Responses

  1. Is this a possible libtard means to reduce the population?

  2. Good luck on getting one of those things through a street in north Florida today. (8+ inches of rain, more on the way)

  3. Not to mention that a lot of the county roads are unpaved and impassible to all but bigass 4WD vehicles.

  4. They shouldn’t be allowed out of the city, or anywhere the speed limit is above 35.

  5. Oh, and I’m down to two vehicles. Both heavy 4WD’S. The next one will probably be a Ford. But then again, Toyota is made in America, and GM (Govt Motors) is moving to Mexico after closing their American plants. What a conundrum. But, it is Mrs. D’s choice. 😉

  6. “…everyone in high-mileage vehicles…”

    other issues aside.. logically.. if EVERYONE is in these vehicles then the crash test that they are doing now (big vs. small) is irrelevant.. just wanted to point that out.

  7. unfortunately, the other issues cannot be put aside.

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