Happy Birthday SeeDubya

It was one year ago that SeeDubya hit rock bottom. He found himself flat busted, alone and scared, feeling both hopeless and powerless in a time and place that is familiar to anyone who has walked the twelve steps of Bill Wilson.

It’s a scary place to be. And at the time, it seems like the end of the road.

After a while, we come to realize that isn’t the end of the road, just a crossroads. And with perfect 20-20 hindsight, we can also see that every bit of the pain we experienced was absolutely necessary to bring us to that crossroads, called Step One.

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.

SeeDubya reached Step One a year ago. And after 365 days and a thousand nights, by the grace of The Almighty, he has achieved one year of sobriety.

He couldn’t be happier.

And neither could I.

Happy Birthday SeeDubya!

GTT – a new chapter is being written

One of the phrases that I recall from Mississippi history class, all those years ago, was the phrase “Gone to Texas.” In the era known as “Reconstruction,” thousands of Mississippians migrated to Texas for a new beginning, often leaving the letters “GTT” scrawled on the door of their abandoned homes.

Steve Campbell, writing in the Star-Telegram, tells of the newest wave headed for the Lone Star State…

Across the nation, unemployment is sky-high, the housing market is sucking wind and recessionary fears have frozen Americans in place.

Just don’t tell that to a stream of new residents who are “voting with their feet” that Texas is the safest place to ride out the storm and the place to be when the economy recovers.

Even in the midst of a recession, economists, demographers and relocation experts believe the Lone Star State is on the cusp of becoming The New California.

Or maybe it already is..

Or as Chris Rea would say, …. She said, “What?” I said, “Texas!”

CDC: Over 100,000 Americans May Have Swine Flu

While the official tally of confirmed U.S. swine flu cases topped 4,700 on Friday, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate the true number of infections at more than 100,000 nationwide. [snip]

In fact, “estimates of the confirmed and probable cases in the United States is probably not the best indicator of transmission at this point,” the CDC’s Jernigan said. “The outbreak is not localized, but is spreading and appears to be expanding throughout the United States. This is an ongoing public health threat,” he said.

CDC says twenty-two states are reporting higher than normal flu cases for this time of year, both seasonal flu and the new H1N1 Swine Flu.

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Marine imposter busted

from the Denver Post

rick duncan strandlofRick Strandlof, executive director of the Colorado Veterans Alliance and the man most colleagues knew as Rick Duncan, was front and center during the 2008 political campaigns in Colorado. He spoke at a Barack Obama veterans rally in front of the Capitol in July, co-hosted several events with then- congressional candidate Jared Polis and attacked Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer in a TV ad paid for by the national group Votevets.org.

And the mostly Democratic candidates he supported — looking for credibility on veterans issues and the war — lapped it up appreciatively.

Only one problem:  Duncan was a complete phony.  His real name is Rick Strandlof, and  was exposed by two members of  the CVA, who became suspicious of inconsistencies in his story… –>source

Strandlof, 31, who invented the name Duncan and claimed he was a former Marine captain and 1997 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, never served in the military and falsely claimed that he was in the Pentagon during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the group said…He often spoke vividly of being in the Pentagon on Sept. 11 when a hijacked airliner was crashed into the building. “The duality of that day, the good and the bad that I saw that day, are forever etched in my mind and in my memory,” he told KOAA television …

“I was involved in an IED explosion that killed four Marines,” he said. “I have a plate roughly the size of a, like, cup and saucer on this portion of my skull.” … Strandlof also claims to have had a hip replacement and to have “had a finger blown off.” Strandlof often spoke of his mistreatment by Defense Department officials, saying they dragged their feet on giving him a disability retirement.

That sounds very much like another war “hero”, whose wartime memories were just seared — seared in his memory, doesn’t it?

Here is the video of Strandlof in a Jared Polis for Congress ad…
Strandlof is in the center, and identifies himself as Captain Rick Duncan, USMC (ret), served 3 tours in Iraq.

update: more at NYT

Armed Forces Day 2009

ArmedForcesDay2009“This is the day on which we have the welcome opportunity to pay special tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces … to all the individuals who are in the service of their country all over the world. Armed Forces Day won’t be a matter of parades and receptions for a good many of them. They will all be in line of duty and some of them may give their lives in that duty.” (NYT)

h/t defenselink

Pelosi: Liar or incompetent

Nancy Pelosi’s nationally televised press conference/meltdown this morning raised more questions than it answered.

In our discussion that followed in the previous thread, Swampie asked an important question:

Is Nancy Pelosi lying about the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques, or is she so dim that she really didn’t understand what was being said in the briefings. I suppose there is a third alternative, that she could be telling the truth. Frankly, I can’t imagine that anyone who watched her performance would come to that conclusion.

So, let’s put it to our readers. What do y’all think?

Pelosi claims CIA “misled” her

Pelosi TortureIn a yet another tortured explanation of what she knew, and when she knew it, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now claims that she was “misled” by the CIA regarding the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

“They misled us every step of the way.”

In a just concluded press conference, Ms. Pelosi stopped short of calling the CIA briefers “liars”, but the distinction was one of semantics only.

Calling for a “Truth Commission,” Pelosi attempted to tie the CIA interrogation briefings to later briefings by the Bush Administration regarding WMD’s in the run-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Her twisted explanation  only serves to make the torture debate less about enhanced interrogation techniques and embarrassing the Bush Administration, and more about Nancy Pelosi’s credibility.

Playing the victim card is an extraordinary response, especially for the person who is third in line of Presidential Succession.

video update from msnbc:

update: read more at Politico

update2: FoxNews is reporting that the CIA is taking “great offense” to the Speaker’s statement. The CIA said to Fox, “We stand by the documents.”

update3: AP has this LuLu of a quote from the press conference:

“I wasn’t briefed, I was informed that somebody else had been briefed about it,” she said.

update4: John Carey has more

update 5: Michelle Malkin – Pelosi plays “dangerous blame game.”

Marco Rubio: The Republican wing of the Republican Party

NRO’s David Freddoso interviews Florida’s Marco Rubio, who is set to challenge Charlie Crist for the US Senate.  Here is an excerpt:

FREDDOSO: Give me an example of that, showing a contrast between yourself and Governor Crist.

RUBIO: Quite frankly, you could say it’s a contrast between myself and the direction of the national Republican movement at this moment in our history, by and large, especially here in Washington, D.C. One example is term limits — we should be the party of term limits. We should be the party that says it’s not natural for any human being to serve more than half his adult life in the U.S. Congress.

We should be the party of the balanced-budget amendment — of the notion that we should not spend money we do not have. We should admit once and for all that Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats . . . in spending money we don’t have.

We should be the party of tax reform. We’re constantly talking about tax cuts and their importance, but tax reform is even better. Change our system of taxation, whether it’s a Fair Tax or a Flat Tax. Boldly propose changes to our tax system so that once again we have a country where we’re not encouraging companies to shift jobs overseas — where the tax implications of creating jobs in America are not negative, the tax implications of building things in America aren’t negative.

Rubio is a fine example of the depth of the conservative bench at the state level.  He combines fiscal conservatism with traditional conservative values in a way that makes him a very compelling candidate.  To borrow a phrase that was said back in 2004, Rubio represents the Republican wing of the Republican Party.

Even though the establishment Republicans are backing a popular governor in Charlie Crist, or maybe even because of their endorsement, my gut tells me that this will be a much closer race than the establishment folks are counting on.

Freddoso’s interview is excellent.  Read it all!

The Right Decision

from WaPo

obama_reversesPresident Obama will oppose the release of several dozen photos depicting abuse of detainees held in U.S. military custody abroad, reversing his previous position on the grounds that the pictures could inflame anti-American sentiment and endanger U.S. troops.

In announcing the shift today, the White House said in a statement that Obama “strongly believes that the release of these photos, particularly at this time, would only serve the purpose of inflaming the theaters of war, jeopardizing US forces, and making our job more difficult in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Thank you Mr. Obama. This is the correct decision. Now, in the interests of National Security, please take the next step and issue an executive order to seal the photos.

Hillary tells another whopper

William Safire sized up Hillary Clinton some thirteen years ago as “a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation” … He also said she –“is a congenital liar.”

Well, she’s at it again. This time it’s about her favorite subject — abortion.

Hillary Clinton testified before Congress last month about the Obama administration’s commitment to dismantling pro-life laws around the world.

“When I think about the suffering that I have seen of women around the world – I’ve been in hospitals in Brazil where half the women were enthusiastically and joyfully greeting their babies, and the other half were fighting for their lives against botched abortions,” Secretary Clinton told [Rep. Chris] Smith in a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing April 22. video clip

Yesterday, Hillary’s spokeswoman told the National Catholic Register that the State Department was “unable to confirm where or when the trip she referred to in her testimony was – where specifically in Brazil she was visiting or when the trip occurred.” source

Imagine that.

read more: Hillary dodges gunfire on mercy mission to Brazil

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Monday night Henny

A man is at the bar, drunk. I pick him up off the floor, and offer to take him home. On the way to my car, he falls down three times. When I get to his house, I help him out of the car, and on the way to the front door, he falls down four more times. I ring the bell and say, “Here’s your husband!” The man’s wife says, “Where’s his wheelchair?”

Hard to swallow

Today, the White House revised their numbers for the budget deficit to an eye-popping $1.8 Trillion, representing a quadrupling of last year’s record deficit.

I think this calls for a trip down memory lane, presented for your your consideration …

Remember Obama’s debate performance when he railed about the “orgy of spending” and the “enormous deficits?” Here is the quote …

“John, its been your President that you say you say you’ve agreed with 90% of the time, that presided over this increase in spending, this orgy of spending and enormous deficits and you voted for almost all of his budgets, so to stand here after 8 years and say you’re gonna lead on controlling spending…I think is kinda hard to swallow”

HAPundit has the video.

This level of government spending is unsustainable.

The Obama administration is the most radical and reckless in the history of the Republic. At this rate, it will also be the last administration in the history of the Republic.

Sunday Blues Traveler

But anyway.  Live version

New WP comment features

You may have already noticed one of the new features that WordPress rolled out recently.  In fact, the first time I saw it a couple of weeks ago, I thought WP was having a glitch.  But, it’s no glitch, and in fact, it’s pretty cool.

Youtube videos can be embedded in the comment section.

All you have to do is type in the URL of the video.  Groovy, huh?

The other embed feature might not get as much play as the video thingy, but it’s a nice addition…PollDaddy polls.

So, a big thank you goes out to the PTB@WP.  Great job y’all.

Anyhoo, the Missus and I will be headed up to Clinton tomorrow to watch Melissa walk across the stage and claim her sheepskin.

Congratulations Melissa.  I’m mighty proud of you.

Have a great weekend folks.

FDIC Friday

Just one bank failure this week, the 33rd of 2009.

Kitsap Bank, Port Orchard, Washington,

Assumes All of the Deposits of Westsound Bank, Bremerton, Washington

May 8, 2009

Kitsap Bank, Port Orchard, Washington, Assumes All of the Deposits of Westsound Bank, Bremerton, Washington

May 8, 1945

Happy V-E Day



(photo credit: ex-snook)


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread: a free speech zone.  Track-backs welcome.

WFFOT. To boldly go where no thread has gone before!

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Nancy Pelosi caught in waterboarding lie

I suppose she thought if she denied it long enough, it would go away. But, it’s coming back with a vengence.

Nancy Pelosi has known all along about enhanced interrogation techniques.

In fact, she knew from the beginning.

At Human Events, Jed Babbin provides the smoking gun.

“Briefing on EITs including use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah, background on authorities, and a description of the particular EITs that had been employed.”

Read for yourself.  Here is  the briefing memo.

Ms. Pelosi has broken her pledge to the American people to run an honest Congress.  Recall her interview with NBC’s Brian Williams on the day after the Democrats won control of the Congress in 2006.

Williams: Leader, what does “drain the swamp” mean?

Pelosi: “Drain the swamp” means to turn this Congress into the most honest and open Congress in history. That’s my pledge — that is what I intend to do.”

As the number 3 person in the line of Presidential Succession, Pelosi has lost all credibility with the American People, and squandered good will for partisan gamesmanship.

What did the Speaker know and when did she know it?

Ms. Pelosi has been unwilling to provide a truthful response to these most basic and critical questions.  It is my opinion that she should immediately resign her office.

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Oprah’s Free chicken offer

Oprah Winfrey and KFC are offering a free chicken dinner at all US KFC locations.

Free offer good for 2 pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ (manager’s choice) and two individual sides and a biscuit at participating KFC restaurants located in the U.S., while supplies last.

Go here to print your coupon

Art for art’s sake

The current governor of a major U.S. southern state, the campaign manager of a U.S. president, a senior West Coast congressman, a former mayor of New York City, and others are among those outed in Kirby Dick’s “Outrage.”

Charlie Crist, Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, and Ed Koch are supposedly “outed” in this rather indulgent piece of cinema.

I suppose the only real surprise in that group for me would be Dreier. And,FWIW, Brian Brooks’ review states only that Dreier was “rumored” to have had an improper relationship with his chief of staff, Brad Smith.

Not that it matters.  None of that shite matters. They’re all grown men.  They get to decide how to live their lives, and with whom.  Same as me, you, or anybody.  We’re all free to do pretty much anything we want to do, just so long as we’re willing to accept the consequences of our decisions.

In this case, Mr. Dick’s movie appears to me to be nothing more than a continuation of the 2006/08 scandal of the month political campaign waged by the left to demoralize and/or depress the Christian right.  It was a successful political strategy then, and will probably be effective against these men for no other reason than it is easier to scandalize than it is to govern.  Easier to demagogue than to engage in political debate.

But, it does make me wonder about the relentless push of the secularists to bring behavior that has long been considered deviant into the mainstream.  Not from the standpoint of tolerance, or even acceptance, but of embrace.  And those who do not embrace this new normal are mocked as bigots.

Strange times we live in.  Seems to me, a married, monogamous heterosexual is able to put sex in its proper perspective, and move on to more important things.  Not sex for sex’s sake.  And certainly not defining oneself by the act of sexual intercourse.

How shallow.  How sad.


read more at WaPo

See also: Dr Myers Blog

I’ll buy that for a dollar

jet_blueWASHINGTON, May 5, 2009 – In honor of National Military Appreciation Month, JetBlue is offering active duty military personnel $1 fares for domestic, nonstop flights, for a limited time, departing from the two JetBlue cities nearest to the nation’s capital: Washington Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Va., and Richmond International Airport in Richmond, Va.

The airline also will donate $15,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit organization that honors and empowers wounded warriors.

To book the $1 fare, call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and select Option 4.

Obama pwned: DC Voucher program

From Reason TV,

“It’s not whether it’s liberal or conservative, but whether it works.”

That sort of doublespeak has left many Obama supporters not just puzzled but outraged. Certainly, Mercedes [Campbell] is.

“Out of everything else they can shut down or everything else they can advocate for, they want to take this one thing away?” Adds her mother, Ingrid, “We voted for you, we walked, we went to the parade, we stood freezing. Why?…Can you get this tape over to Obama and have him answer our questions?

Why, sir, why?”

h/t Quin Hillyer

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Obama & the DC School Voucher Program“, posted with vodpod

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Level 6?

Remember the story of Felipe Solis?

On April 16, “President Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported.” link

Well, Mexican authorities are now saying that Solis died of a heart attack,  not the flu.  Further, his death occurred one week after greeting Obama, not one day later as originally reported.  This is according to a report from Greg Contreras.

Odd, isn’t it?

From full-court press coverage of infections, inspections, and detections*, of the potential world-wide swine flu pandemic, climaxing with Joe Biden’s famous declaration that there was no way he was getting on public transportation, coverage of the spread of H1N1 has undergone an overnight transformation. Now, only the official numbers from W.H.O. are reported.  Headlines are suggesting that Mexico has turned the corner,  the spread of the disease is stabilizing, and the proverbial bullet has been dodged.

Actual numbers of infections and deaths have shrunk to non-panic inducing levels, and, except for the large number of school closings, it is back to normal in the US. But, are the statistics reliable? One of the more interesting articles I read over the weekend was from Newsweek, which included this snippet:

Another physician, who spoke with NEWSWEEK en Español but asked not to be identified, claimed that in the Gea González Hospital—the biggest facility run by the Ministry of Health in Mexico City—doctors have been explicitly told not to record pneumonia as a cause of death. “You must say that they died of cardiac arrest or anything else,” said the physician about the instruction given to them.

It makes me wonder if this could be related to the Felipe Solis story …

And, today, Fox News is reporting that WHO is likely to raise the pandemic threat level to 6, and declare an official pandemic.

Go figure.

*from alice’s restaraunt

Chrysler bondholders say threatened by White House

Update: Lauria on FNC


Attorney Thomas Lauria, lead attorney for the Chrysler bondholders who have objected to the Obama restructuring plan, told ABC News that Obama car czar, Steve Rattner, suggested that officials of the Obama White House would embarrass the firm for opposing the Obama administration plan, which President Obama announced Thursday, and which requires creditors to accept roughly 29 cents on the dollar for an estimated $6.8 billion owed by Chrysler.

The White House has denied the allegation.

Lauria said the firm “was directly threatened by the White House and in essence compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under the threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight. That’s how hard it is to stand on this side of the fence.”

Obama was highly critical of the bondholders as being “unwilling to sacrifice” in his remarks Thursday.

Lauria said the president saying he doesn’t stand with his clients “kind of sounds like ‘You’re fair game.’ In whatever sense. People are scared. They have gotten death threats. Some have been told people are going to come to their houses. God forbid if some nut did something, I’m just wondering how the president would feel.”

I can’t help but recall that these very same tactics were used by ACORN against AIG employees after Obama singled them out for scorn. Is ACORN behind this latest effort to intimidate the Chrysler bondholders?

RIP Jack Kemp

from AP:

1967topps_jack_kempJack Kemp, the ex-quarterback, congressman, one-time vice-presidential nominee and self-described “bleeding-heart conservative” died Saturday.

His spokeswoman Bona Park and longtime friend and former campaign adviser Edwin J. Feulner confirmed that Kemp died after a lengthy illness.

Kemp had announced in January 2009 that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He said he was undergoing tests but gave no other detail.

Kemp was a champion of encouraging economic growth through lower taxes.

It is an idea that has worked every time it has been tried.

Jack Kemp will be missed. May he rest in peace.

How Low Can He Go? CJ Garners TROP’s Dhimwit Of The Month!

Many of us have been witness to the various meltdowns at LGF, over the past four years.
It seems they have been occurring with much more regularity, since late 2007, so much so, that the number of comments posted there are declining rapidly, and registered posters are banned for simple disagreements with CJ’s point of view.

The culmination of this is the dubious award from The Religion Of Peace, the preeminent source for all information concerning islam.

Anyone who has made a fool out of the mainstream media as often as the Charles Johnson has can’t be all bad – even if he is making a bigger fool out of himself these days. Five years ago, the talented creator of the Little Green Footballs blog and “co-founder” of Pajamas Media (a top-notch web magazine) went toe-to-toe with CBS News and not only took down Dan Rather, but also won a great deal of respect for on-line journalism in the process…

Then things got weird. Really weird.

What happened to the nearly 60-year-old Johnson after hitting his high-water mark is anyone’s guess. Did success go to his head, or was he really that… um… well-grounded to begin with?

That’s quite a come-down from the halcyon days of “rathergate” and Hezbollah “fauxtography.”
It is now accurate to say that LGF is a liberal blog, not a conservative one.

What made LGF such a popular blog was it’s posters, not it’s blog owner. All of the bright, energetic, and witty posters have long since left, and all that are left are sycophantic “yes men” to toe the CJ line.

In all fairness, a poster named “Thom” is the one who exposed the Rather ANG memo as a fraud, and posted it in the comment section at LGF. Thom never got the attribution he deserved, but CJ took the accolades and ran with it.

Having met so many wonderful people there, years ago, it is sad to see what has happened, but based on the behavior of the blog owner back in 2005, I can’t say it’s very surprising.

h/t village idiot at lgf2.
(he’s no longer an apprentice)


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