Zelaya accused of drug ties – money laundering

from Frank Bajak, AP

BOGOTA – The regime that ousted Manuel Zelaya in Honduras claimed Tuesday that the deposed president allowed tons of cocaine to be flown into the Central American country on its way to the United States.

“Every night, three or four Venezuelan-registered planes land without the permission of appropriate authorities and bring thousands of pounds … and packages of money that are the fruit of drug trafficking,” its foreign minister, Enrique Ortez, told CNN en Espanol.

“We have proof of all of this. Neighboring governments have it. The DEA has it,” he added.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Rusty Payne in Washington said he could neither confirm nor deny a DEA investigation.

toon063009Wannabe dictator-for-life Manuel Zelaya is a criminal thug.  No wonder Hugo, Daniel, Fidel, and Preznit Obama all love him.  They’re peas in the same pod.

Pensieve says, the real coup is being plotted as we speak.

right now, an emergency meeting of the entire ALBA is taking place in Nicaragua. This is Venezuelan Telesur’s highly biased article about it (Google translation). Chavez is there. I am sure they’ll try to overthrow the new government and establish a dictatorship. Chávez is bringing us to the brink of war!

This is playing exactly like how Chávez got into power in Venezuela in the first place. He was ousted for a few days…but made such a strong comeback, that he embarrassed the US and the world for backing his enemies.

More:  The Honduran Counter-Coup, NRO

Sotomayor reversed again. It’s Haiku time

Sonia Sotomayor’s 60% reversal rate wasn’t helped today by the Supreme Court decision in the New Haven firefighters case, Ricci v. DeStefano.

Obviously, the Supreme Court is short on empathy.

Sotomayor haiku, anyone?

Wise Latina judge
prosperous torts struggle, dry
blunt answers recur.


squeaky short childless
catapult peeps blankly sounds
reconsider, first


dignified duty
cries cries fairly, proud, brave, pure
winners restore pride


Not bad, huh?

Well, I had some help. H/A, and MM have a nice roundup of reaction from the blogosphere.

Judicial News Monday

First up, The US Supreme Court has ruled in the Ricci discrimination case…. reversing the lower court, and finding in favor of Ricci.  The lower court included current SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

Second, from the Federal Courthouse in the Southern District of New York, Bernie Madoff is sentenced to 150 years, which is the statutory maximum sentence.  Might as well say, Madoff is sentenced to death in prison.

Billy Mays, 50, has died

from LATimes:

billy-maysTampa police say Billy Mays, the television pitchman known for his boisterous hawking of products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean, has died. He was 50.

Authorities say Mays was pronounced dead this morning after being found by his wife at home. There were no signs of a break-in, and investigators do not suspect foul play. The coroner’s office expects to have an autopsy done by Monday afternoon.

shamwow-guySham-wow guy could not be reached for comment

Zero Tolerance – WFFOT

I’ve got a message, for the eight Republicans who crossed the line to vote for the cap’n trade bill.

I’m sick and tired of this nonsense.

Life is good.  You’ve heard me say that many times.  But the fact is, until we demand that it stays good, and not put off till tomorrow to when you might be less busy, or more outraged, then every idiocy that has  ever percolated to the top of the liberal wish list will become law:  enabled by poltroonish wads of goo like the 8 wads of goo named above.

No more concessions!

It’s time for Zero Freaking Tolerance.  No more allowance for the nutjobs.  No more concessions to the free lunch crowd.  No more agreement with the idiotic utopian premise of the psychotic Left.

NO to  industry destroying, job-exporting tax increases disguised as feel-good “save the planet,” man-made global warming mumbo-jumbo legislation that is rushed to the floor of the House, unread, undiscussed, unbelievable in its size and scope, and as unworkable  as a Rube Goldgerg mousetrap.

NO to the nationalization of the health-care profession.

NO to a free-spending, unaccountable Congress.

Argue every single piece of legislation, and every single appointment all the way. Demand the details of every bill put forward by the nutjobs, and if they won’t provide them, then walk out!  Call a press conference.  Name names.  Use the internet.  Make Youtube your ally.

And, when you do finally get some details, then comb them for every single crumb of waste.

If your elected representatives don’t vote for common sense then turn up the heat.  Make their professional lives a professional dolor. Call them, email them, make a video and post it on the internet.  Slap every single example of incompetence with an equal measure of common sense every single time.

Zero Freaking tolerance.  That’s what I’m talking about.

Think, people, think.   This Republic isn’t the way it is by accident.  We allowed it to happen.

It’s time to make common sense cool again.

Update:  From H/A, Energy Czar hasn’t read the bill either


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread — a Free Speech Zone.

WFFOT: Zero Freaking Tolerance, baby!

Dr. Dave has a message for the 8 Republicans who completely missed the Tea Party message, and voted for the cap and trade monstrosity.

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Trans-Nationalists And Gun Hater Confirmed By Senate As Legal Advisor To The State Department

After months of delays by the GOP, this nominee was finally brought to the Senate floor for a vote, which passed 62-35.
There were five alleged Republicans that voted ‘yea’ in the confirmation of this ridiculous excuse for a legal adviser. Even though you already know who they are, I will list them.

Collins (R-ME), Yea/ Snowe (R-ME), Yea
Lugar (R-IN), Yea/ Voinovich (R-OH), Yea
Martinez (R-FL), Yea

Why am I being so unflattering to the newest addition to the bizarre current administration’s confirmation?
Here is a clue, from his own mouth:

“If you want to be in the global environment, you have to play by the global rules,” Koh told a Cleveland audience.

As one source described him:

Koh’s positions treat our constitutional law as if it were a mere local ordinance on the greater world stage. This is of particular concern to gun owners at a time when the U.S. Congress is under pressure from President Obama to ratify an international gun control treaty with countries in the western hemisphere. That treaty, known by its Spanish acronym CIFTA, would likely serve as a forerunner to a more extensive United Nations initiative, the “Program of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects.”

Another source describes him this way:

Former Clinton administration official Harold Koh, who has been dean of the Yale Law School since 2004, once wrote that the U.S. was part of an “axis of disobedience” with North Korea and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Koh also has long held that the U.S. should accept international law when deliberating cases at home.

Obama nominated Koh on March 23 to become the State Department’s legal adviser — an appointment that, if confirmed by the Senate, will give Koh far-reaching influence over the extent to which international norms affect U.S. law.

“This is not a desk job. This guy will be the face of American international law around the world,” said Steven Gross, legal expert and fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

“The top legal adviser at State travels extensively and is involved in international legal negotiations, treaties and in major United Nations conferences.

“The president should have the right to choose the most conservative or liberal legal advisers to give them advice, but this is much more than that. The concern is that he cares as much about — if not more about — international law and integrating that into the American judicial system than he does about protecting American prerogatives and American sovereignty,” Gross said.

Koh, in an email to Yale Law, said this:

“I feel like I am setting sail on a thrilling new adventure,”

I suspect that thrill will be accompanied by a weird tingling sensation to the legs of certain members of the alleged progressive community.

Aside from his obvious support for internationalizing American law traditions, his ‘trans-nationalism’ is a direct threat to the sovereignty of our nation, which would effect every article of the Bill of Rights. Koh has said little to dissuade me, and others, that his perspective is not a danger to our Constitution.

On different occasions, Koh has stated the following:

In an article published in the Berkeley Journal of International Law in 2004, Koh wrote, “What role can transnational legal process play in affecting the behavior of several nations whose disobedience with international law has attracted global attention after September 11th — most prominently, North Korea, Iraq and our own country, the United States of America? For shorthand purposes, I will call these countries ‘the axis of disobedience.'”

In a Stanford Law Review article published in May 2003, Koh wrote that supporters of the International Criminal Court should bring pressure to bear on U.S. opinion “with an eye toward persuading U.S. officials that the ICC actually serves U.S. interests.”

“We should resist the claim that a War on Terror permits the commander in chief’s power to be expanded into a wanton power to act as torturer in chief,” Koh wrote in an article published in May 2006 in the Indiana Law Journal.

Koh also advocates a “transnational legal process” and has criticized the U.S. for its failure to “obey global norms.”

In a paper entitled “A world drowning in guns,” Koh maintains that a civil society cannot exist with broad gun ownership: “Guns kill civil society,” he said.

I know there will be some who praise his work as a legal scholar, and Dean of Yale Law, but to the majority of American citizens, who don’t give a Tinker’s Dam about what other countries in our hemisphere, or beyond, have to say about our Constitutional Republic, his perspectives reside in the koffee klatches of liberal academes, not the real world. That he supports subverting our Constitution to the whims of foreign courts is as absurd a notion as I’ve seen come down the pike.

As for the CIFTA, that was mentioned up above, I could provide a link to the formal treaty with its sophistic terminology, and let you muddle through it with glazed eyes, but I won’t do that to you.
Instead, here is an analysis of the treaty, which has been languishing away in dusty bins with other treacherous documents, by Gun Owners Of America.

Finally, under Article XXIX, if Mexico demands the extradition of a lawful American gun dealer, the U.S. would be required to resolve the dispute through “other means of peaceful settlement.” Does anyone want to risk sweltering in a Mexican jail at the mercy of the Obama administration?

There is also this excellent video by GOA, which explains nicely what the treaty could do.

We will have to wait and see if this lecherous individual will be as damaging to U.S. interests, as I and others fear.
For now we can only wait and see, and while waiting, fumigate our parties ‘big tent’ of such unworthy politicians, as the five who voted for this confirmation.

At LGF2 and Urban Grounds.

70’s icons

farrah red swimsuit photoFarrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both passed away today.
Her red swim suit poster, and his single white glove were their exclusive signatures.

There probably aren’t too many baby-boomer males who don’t think that Lee Majors’ ex-wife was probably the hottest babe to appear on the TV screen. And, though Bo Derek later made the claim to be the perfect “10,” Farrah’s beauty was second to none.

Jackson’s life is best described by his work. It’s probably better that way, since his life away from the stage and the recording studio was strange, to say the least.

Even so, I still believe he got a bum rap on the child-molestation circus.

Here is a video from the 1979 album  “Off the Wall,”

Don’t Stop till you get enough

CWS National Championship

lsuA five run 6th broke open the championship game of the 2009 College World Series in Omaha, as the LSU Tigers claimed their 6th CWS championship with a 11 – 4 victory over the Texas Longhorns at historic Rosenblatt Stadium.

The Tigers ended the third game of the series as they began the first game, with Mississippian Louis Coleman on the mound, but the game was never in doubt after the 6th.  In an inning which featured several Texas miscues, LSU sent 10 batters to the plate.

Two of the night’s stars were also members of the LSU football team, Jared Mitchell and Chad Jones.  Mitchell hit a line drive 3-run homer in the first, and scored the go-ahead run in the 6th inning.  Jones relieved starter Ranaudo with one out in the sixth and pitched to two batters, striking out both, along with a scoreless 7th  to keep the Longhorns at bay.



Keep it in your pants

Mark Sanford this week.

John Ensign last week.

Good grief.  Can’t you dumbasses keep it in your pants?

Who do you think you are, Democrats?


Now there are rumors running rampant that Sanford’s mistress, Maria Belen Shapur, is a former Argentinian model who is tall, knockout brunette who may even be a body builder and a former actress, and the search is on for a photo.

Helping Obama find his voice on Iran

It isn’t comfortable to watch the President of the United States, arguably the most powerful man in the world, appear feckless on the world stage.

Although I haven’t heard major media trot out the time-tested phrase, “searching for his voice,” with respect to the unrest in Iran, I assume this is more a matter of their not yet noticing that Obama is on the wrong side, what with the real important stuff like gay marriage, nationalized health care, and the rest of the domestic agenda to concentrate on.

Foreign policy is such a pain for Democrats.

So, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, I offer up these words as a source of direction for the new president’s teleprompter.

To the people of Iran:

You are rich in culture and talent.

You have a right to live under a government that listens to your wishes, respects your talents, and allows you to build better lives for your families. Unfortunately, your government denies you these opportunities, and threatens the peace and stability of your neighbors. So we call on the regime in Tehran to heed your will, and to make itself accountable to you.

The day will come when the people of Iran have a government that embraces liberty and justice, and Iran joins the community of free nations. And when that good day comes, you will have no better friend than the United States of America.

President George W. Bush gave this speech at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Khabi, United Arab Emirates on January 13, 2008.


CWS Game 1

rosenblatt_stadium_statueLSU has defeated Texas 7 – 6 in an exciting 11-inning shootout in Game 1 of the 2009 College World Series at historic Rosenblatt Stadium.

Texas took a 6-4 lead into the 9th inning, but was unable to close the game as LSU rallied for 2 runs to tie it up.

Texas managed five home-runs against Tiger starter Louis Coleman, but they were all solo blasts, allowing LSU to remain within striking distance.

LSU closer Matty Ott pitched three scoreless innings to get the victory.

Before tonight’s game, Texas had been 39 – 0 when leading after 8 innings.

Make that 39 – 1.


‘Neda’:Her Execution…My Rant!

neda never forget
Sitting comfortably at home, in peace and security, I have been following events, as best as I can, of the struggle for freedom in Iran.
It wasn’t until this morning that I finally viewed the video of the last moments of this young woman, as she enters into her death throe, from a Basiji sniper bullet, ripping through her chest.

I haven’t been the same since.

I have to rant, and get through processing this crime and what it means to me, so that I can sleep tonight, and function tomorrow. Being Father’s Day, the thought of her father, holding her in the final moments of her short life, and living with that pain today, gnaw at me. At the same time, I am safe, and my children and grandchildren are all happy and healthy.

I’m not a stranger to the horrible things people can do to others, though I will never be able to fully comprehend it. I’ve seen people die, many times, from my most beloved, to complete strangers, and rather than get used to it, it is more of a piling on effect.

The execution of this young woman may become a turning point, for the future of Iran, if they are successful in removing the corrupt, vile, and wicked Mullahocracy that they have had to endure for the past thirty years. I not only want to believe that, I have to, or her death will be for no purpose, and I believe God has a purpose for us all.

Her name was Neda Salehi, she was twenty years of age, and her short life ended at 7:05p.m., 20 Jun 09, on Karekar Ave., Tehran, Iran. She was standing next to her father, peacefully holding a sign which simply said “freedom.”
According to a doctor who was at the scene, he had this to say:

A young woman who was standing aside with her father watching the protests was shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house. He had clear shot at the girl and could not miss her. However, he aimed straight her heart. I am a doctor, so I rushed to try to save her. But the impact of the gunshot was so fierce that the bullet had blasted inside the victim’s chest, and she died in less than 2 minutes.
The protests were going on about 1 kilometers away in the main street and some of the protesting crowd were running from tear gass used among them, towards Salehi St. The film is shot by my friend who was standing beside me.

Neda, in Farsi, means “voice” or “the call.” Her name and image have gone international, as a symbol, a voice, a call to the Iranian people to not forget her and why she was murdered. The threat that Khamenei made in his sermon this past Friday has come true, and his actions and words may be the final statement the Iranians listen to. Khamenei has made a serious mistake that many egomaniacs have made, and that is to create the most dangerous enemy you can have.
People with nothing to lose, will risk everything they have.

Later that same evening, in east Tehran, the Basiji headquarters building was set ablaze. The protesters/rioters are becoming more emboldened, as they now only have two choices, end the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or face a future with no hope for a better life.

The events of the past week are truly historic, and match or exceed the rioting that led to the IRI in 1979. This is no small matter, and if it continues, and spreads throughout the country, which appears to be happening, this hellish system of government will end. What it will be replaced with is a matter of conjecture, the first step is to rid Iran of the mullahs.

How would I react if someone murdered one of my daughters? I would give my life to gain retribution, and would not rest until the people responsible for this were dead or punished, or both, in alphabetical order or not. I can’t begin to imagine the fear and pain Neda’s family must be experiencing. Their lives have been shattered by a bullet fired from a hired thug, working for the mullahs. I have weapons and training, Mr. Salehi doesn’t, and that makes a significant difference in what his options are for seeking justice for his daughter.

As for the protesters, now that they know, with no reservations, that they can be killed on a whim, at any moment, I hope that they get more serious in their attacks, and start mobbing armed police and Basiji, taking their weapons and communications. Until the barrels of the guns are turned in the right direction, the Iranian people will never know freedom, or the dignity they deserve as humans.

I will close with a lovely poem written for Neda, that was sourced to me by a poster, “Ma Sands.”
Sister, have a short sleep. your last dream be sweet.

Yesterday I wrote a note, with the subject line “tomorrow is a great day perhaps tomorrow I’ll be killed.” I’m here to let you know I’m alive but my sister was killed…

I’m here to tell you my sister died while in her father’s hands
I’m here to tell you my sister had big dreams…
I’m here to tell you my sister who died was a decent person… and like me yearned for a day when her hair would be swept by the wind… and like me read “Forough” [Forough Farrokhzad]… and longed to live free and equal… and she longed to hold her head up and announce, “I’m Iranian”… and she longed to one day fall in love to a man with a shaggy hair… and she longed for a daughter to braid her hair and sing lullaby by her crib…

my sister died from not having life… my sister died as injustice has no end… my sister died since she loved life too much… and my sister died since she lovingly cared for people…

my loving sister, I wish you had closed your eyes when your time had come… the very end of your last glance burns my soul….

sister have a short sleep. your last dream be sweet.


God be with you Neda. May the memory of your short life give strength to those who want freedom, just as you did.

*If any choose to, the following video is of the last fifteen seconds of Neda’s life.


From a NYTimes article, it is now believed her name was Neda Agha-Soltan, age 26.

Father’s Day 2009

A little head-cuttin’ music for Father’s Day

Did Michelle have Walpin fired?

Judson Berger reports:

A top Republican senator is asking whether First Lady Michelle Obama’s office played any role in last week’s firing of former service program Inspector General Gerald Walpin.

The concern, one of several surrounding Walpin’s sudden dismissal, stems from the timing of a staff switch in the first lady’s office. Just days before Walpin got the boot, the White House announced Michelle Obama’s chief of staff would be appointed senior adviser to the agency Walpin was responsible for monitoring. Michelle Obama said at the time she and her outgoing staffer, Jackie Norris, would work closely going forward.

michelle-fires--walpinNaturally, the White House denies any wrong-doing. And, the fact that the target of IG Walpin’s investigation, Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson, is big buds with the First Lady is simply a coincidence.

No. Not just a coincidence. It was … it was … an act of political courage! Yeah that’s what it was. Firing IG Walpin to keep him from exposing government corruption was an act of political courage.

No doubt about it.


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread:  A free speech zone.  Track-backs are welcome.

WFFOT: A thread of political courage.

Thread NoteThe New GCP is up and running.  The gang is checking in, and most of the plumbing is hooked up.  BTW, it’s BYOB.


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The Banned of Brothers

They’re Baaaaaaaack!

Gulf Coast Pundit has been re-launched.


Be There.


see also: Bob’s Bites

ObamaCare:A Disaster That Can, And Must Be, Avoided!

I wish to state clearly, my position. Our current president has seldom been truthful about his various policies and programs, and in the case of health care, if he were Pinocchio, he would need safety lights on the tip of his nose, to warn aircraft, as his nose is so often tilted skyward.

I have been promising a gentleman I know, who is a client of one of my colleagues, to post on health care issues, particularly the looming street fight concerning Obama’s socialist plans for our health care system.

First an introduction to this gentleman, his name is John Goodman, and he is a member of the NCPA, has his own health care blog, is known as “The Father Of Health Savings Accounts,” cited as one of the three men who killed “HillaryCare” (along with William Kristol, and Sen. Phil Graham), has been a contributor to FOX News, and according to what he told me the other day, will become an adviser to FOX on the debate of ObamaCare. I strongly encourage readers of this post, to read and save his links for future reference. Mr. Goodman is a genuinely good man, and is tireless in his efforts, along with his charming wife.

With his bona fides established, his devotion to affordable, available, portable, and free-market based approaches to health care are clearly evident.

As it so happened, later in the same day, another colleagues client and I spent about thirty minutes talking. I can’t identify this gentleman, as he didn’t give express approval to cite him, but what he told me is on my word. This gentleman is in charge of a corporation that provides packaged health care insurance for major employers, so he definitely has skin in the game. After returning from Washington, he was quite disturbed by events, and that he had to spend millions of dollars on lobbyists, to fight ObamaCare, something he never thought he would do. We talked specifics, but at one point, I asked him if he had seen the Drudge Report, that ABC news had completely sold out to the White House, and after a stunned delay, he said no, and was totally dejected by the news.

I asked both of these gentlemen, if the AMA coming out against the “public option” was a little late, or would their turning against it add weight to the opposing forces in this debate. Mr. Goodman said the AMA had “sold out,” while the other gentleman said that the AMA, big business, and the pharmaceutical companies had all “sold out,” but not necessarily for the reasons most think. They have been threatened with loss of access to this, and future debates, if they oppose the president’s desire for socialized medicine. They will be put on Obama’s growing enemies list, and given no voice. Think Chicago styled political maneuvering. The second gentleman did say that many doctors have finally learned the details of the “public option,’ and that is they will be required to treat these policy holders…without compensation!

Many already know that, in those countries that have socialized medicine, with a focus on Canada and the UK, as Obama cites those two models as his guide, there are major shortages for service. Ask yourself, if you are a doctor, have friends or family who are, or even considered this field when in college, would you put in the required expense, time, and work, to become a physician/surgeon, only to not be able to make a good living, and have a bureaucrat determine which patients you could treat?

Here is some selected info from Mr. Goodman at NCPA:

* In Canada, the average wait for a 65-year-old man to get a hip replacement is six months, according to the Freedom Works Foundation.
* The average wait time in a Canadian emergency room is 16 hours and 18 minutes.
* Also, the average cancer test and radiation treatment cycles vary between 6 to 8 weeks, according to the foundation.


* In Great Britain, at any one time, there are about a million people waiting to get into hospitals, according to John C. Goodman, president, CEO and Kellye Wright Fellow of the National Center for Policy Analysis.
* Almost 900,000 Canadian patients are on the waiting list at any point in time, according to the Fraser Institute.
* In New Zealand, 90,000 people are on the waiting lists, according to government figures.

“Those people constitute only about 1 to 2 percent of the population in those countries, but keep in mind that only about 15 percent of the population actually enters a hospital each year,” says Goodman. “Many of the people waiting are waiting in pain. Many are risking their lives by waiting. And there is no market mechanism in these countries to get care to people who need it first.”

I’ll leave it to someone else to crunch the numbers, but if the percentages of those waiting for care remained constant, and are applied to the U.S., the number of people waiting for care would be truly horrifying.

For a little insight into what is happening in Canada, this video documentary, which is a little long, is as unsettling an indictment on the Canadian system, as any I’ve seen.

As for the price tag of the Big Lie Obama is attempting to foist on us, I am reminded of P.J. O’Rourke’s quote, “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”
The claim is that it will only cost one trillion dollars, over a ten year period. Just hearing that, makes me suspend any desire to listen to what other lies they have planned for this debate.

According to the CBO:

According to our preliminary assessment, enacting the proposal would result in a net increase in federal budget deficits of about $1.0 trillion over the 2010-2019 period. When fully implemented, about 39 million individuals would obtain coverage through the new insurance exchanges. At the same time, the number of people who had coverage through an employer would decline by about 15 million (or roughly 10 percent), and coverage from other sources would fall by about 8 million, so the net decrease in the number of people uninsured would be about 16 million or 17 million.

That net decrease nestles up against the estimated 46 million to 47 million uninsured at the present date.

So, with this lie, a trillion dollars would cover approximately thirty percent of those who are now uninsured, but it would also flip some from covered to not. That may be change, but from my perspective, if it isn’t adaptive change, it is worthless.
This proposal is worthless.

As the lie about the one trillion dollars is still being bandied about, the truth of the matter is slowly entering the debate. Instead of one trillion dollars, try four trillion dollars, if the actual goal is to provide coverage to a much larger population, which I not only believe is the goal, but ultimately, that the government is in complete control of our health care system.

I will include some other linkage at the bottom of this post, if any are interested in what some others are saying, as this post is already long enough.

I wish to direct your attention, though, to a petition, recommended by Mr. Goodman, that got six thousand signatures after his Sunday appearance on FOX. They are wanting as many as possible, but at least one hundred thousand, at which time Mike Gallagher will hand deliver it to Washington.
If you agree with the petition, and its purpose, I urge you to sign.

As for being a critic of the current policy canard being promoted by the president, I would be remiss in not mentioning there are alternatives. There is much discussion going on, much of it secretive, and there was one proposal that was made several years ago, but the democrats wouldn’t let it reach the floor.
It is called the Healthy Americans Act S. 334.
A brief summary of this now forgotten proposal:

It all starts with tax reform that empowers the individual. From that, we can get portability, individual access, incentives for healthy behavior, and market forces. The Healthy Americans Act embraces these principles; that health care coverage can be affordable, the uninsured can be covered, and, not insignificantly, our economy will be strengthened.

All of us need to get involved in this fight, as the unclear policy, being forced upon us by a power mad president, will destroy our health care system, if not forever, at least for decades. Write any and all of your elected officials, let us bombard Congress with emails and phone calls.
While I haven’t checked prices for good quality pitch forks at the local hardware store, that thought has entered my mind.

Rationing WILL Come!

The Smart Money Is Against Health Care Reform!

Conversation: For the Nation’s Medicine, a HICA Moment.

The price of Obama’s health care ‘savings’.

Health Care Solution May End Up Being Private Insurance Co-ops.

GOP Leader: House Democrats’ Health Care Plan “Is Nothing Less Than a Government Takeover.”

The GOP Can Stop ObamaCare.

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Iranian uprising


Realtime photos from twitter

Latest updates from The Lede

VOA roundup

Real-time tweets about Iran

Under pressure

David Bowie and Gail Ann Dorsey, Live at Madison Square Garden.
Oh, it’s so good. Just have a listen.

IG witness destroys Obama’s excuse

Quin Hillyer has the story in the Washington Times

We have found an exclusive witness who directly contradicts multiple aspects of the official White House explanation for firing AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin.

Separately, one part of the White House explanation treads on exceedingly shaky ground that raises the specter of improper age discrimination.

This story has legs. L-o-0-0-0-0-0–0-0-n-g legs!

Leeden: From a hospital S.I.A.

(Somewhere in Iran)

Michael Leeden reports this message from a med student in Iran [NRO]

Last night, nine people died at our hospital and another 28 had gunshot wounds. All hospital employees were crying till dawn. They (government) removed the dead bodies on back of trucks, before we were even able to get their names or other information. What can you even say to the people who don’t even respect the dead. No one was allowed to speak to the wounded or get any information from them. This morning the faculty and the students protested by gathering at the lobby of the hospital where they were confronted by plain cloths anti-riot militia, who in turn closed off the hospital and imprisoned the staff. The extent of injuries are so grave, that despite being one of the most staffed emergency rooms, they’ve asked everyone to stay and help—I’m sure it will even be worst tonight. …

This issue is not about cheating (election) anymore. This is not about stealing votes anymore. The issue is about a vast injustice inflected on the people.

While the President washes his hands and speaks of not meddling, the situation is looking more and more like the Iranian Tiananmen.

It also reminds me that with all of the talk about “democracy”, very little is ever said about Liberty. The two words are often used in the same context, but their meanings are vastly different. Our emphasis should be on the latter.

Obama justifies illegal firing of IG Walpin

Major Garrett reports:

WASHINGTON — Responding to criticism from a Senate Democratic ally, President Obama explained why he fired the Inspector General of the AmeriCorps without the 30-day notification required by law, calling Gerald Walpin so “confused” and “disoriented” that there was reason to question “his capacity to serve.”

Lacking the capacity to serve?

Jeebus. So why is Joe Biden still around?


Walpin fires back: Obama explanation is “baseless”

Gerald Walpin, who until last week was the inspector general for the Corporation for National and Community Service, told FOXNews.com that part of Obama’s explanation was a “total lie” and that he feels he’s got a target on his back for political reasons.

“I am now the target of the most powerful man in this country, with an army of aides whose major responsibility today seems to be to attack me and get rid of me,” Walpin said.

New strain of H1N1 found

from Straits Times

SAO PAULO – BRAZILIAN scientists have identified a new strain of the H1N1 virus after examining samples from a patient in Sao Paulo, their institute said on Tuesday.

The variant has been called A/Sao Paulo/1454/H1N1 by the Adolfo Lutz Bacteriological Institute, which compared it with samples of the A(H1N1) swine flu from California.

The genetic sequence of the new sub-type of the H1N1 virus was isolated by a virology team lead by one of its researchers, Terezinha Maria de Paiva, the institute said in a statement.

The mutation comprised of alterations in the Hemagglutinin protein which allows the virus to infect new hosts, it said.

It was not yet known whether the new strain was more aggressive than the current A(H1N1) virus which has been declared pandemic by the World Health Organization.

more :

US agencies not ready for flu
Dade youngster is first Florida fatality
95% of Utah flu cases are H1N1
Health experts offer more information on H1N1

The truth is out there, Part 3(.141592654)

What is special about the county of Wiltshire, England that it would become the center of the crop circle universe?

Stonehenge maybe?

This crop circle was reported in today’s UK Telegraph, and is described as a “phoenix rising from the flames.” According to the report, this crop circle, “measuring 150ft in diameter, is apparently a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi.”phoenix crop circle

What is the truth about these phenomena?

If we learned that they are not some elaborate hoax, but originated from an intelligence not of this world, what would change?

Would we behave differently?
Would our priorities change?

I think so. But, that’s just me.

Flag Day 2009

Today is Flag Day.

Some of us, however, believe every day is flag day.


Lonesome Dove tonight on AMC

lonesome doveOn Sat., Jun. 13 and Sun., Jun. 14, join AMC for the world television premiere of a newly restored, letterbox version of Lonesome Dove. This Emmy Award-winning mini-series stars Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane and Danny Glover.


Be there.  Aloha.

Or, if you want to watch the College World Series, go to Justin TV, and then put Lonesome Dove on the big screen.


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