Farewell GCP

Update: Here is a link to Conservative Talk. Nano has graciously loaned the guest room to GCP.

It seems like a long time ago.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a group of folks began to assemble at a new website: Gulf Coast Pundit. We did so at the request of the owner of the blog which will not be named, who specifically requested that we take our discussions off his website.

gcpforum.gifThe infamous Katrina Relief Fund, and the equally infamous Steve, aka “Bayou King”, aka a half-dozen other sockpuppets, dominated the early discussions.

Several months later, the owner of the previously mentioned blog began the modern era of bannings. I call this the modern era, because I wasn’t around during the Discarded Lies wars, and, because it was the GCP purge that began the most recent round of bannings, giving rise to the moniker “Banned of Brothers.”

My, how time flies.

Robert D posted a comment on the totus thread which told the news: “Looks like GCP is a goner.” At the website link was the following comment:

“We wish you all a happy and fruitful life. Gulfcoastpundit is now closed.”


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