Miss California Fired

carrie_prejean_photos_0001_Layer_46_fullTMZ is reporting that Carrie Prejean has received a pink slip from the Miss California USA pageant.

The reason given:  breach of contract.

TMZ says her termination is “not based on her political and moral views.”

Translation: Her termination was based on her political and moral views.

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The Dhimwit Of The Month For May Goes To “24”


The Religion Of Peace, in keeping with its tradition of selecting the most deserving recipient for this dubious honor, didn’t have as difficult a time as in previous months.

They state, in their citation:

CAIR honchos no doubt cheered the seventh season finale, as Kiefer Sutherland’s character, uber-patriot Jack Bauer, was literally on his knees before Allah. Presumably dying of poison in the plot, the agent who once defended America from Islamic terrorism literally invites a local imam into his hospital room – of whom he can beg forgiveness and pray with in his “final moments.”
With Jack Bauer’s deathbed “Shahada,” the producers may have finally jumped the Muslim shark. Let’s hope so. The series can hardly get any worse. Janeane Garofalo was actually cast as an FBI intelligence agent, which is wrong on many levels. (credibility-wise, it isn’t terribly clear how she managed to beat out Barney Rubble for the role).

Well said and written!
I gave up on “24” several years ago, not because it had “jumped the shark,” but because it jumped on and off frequently, in the same episodes. Honestly, how many times can terrorist escape a completely surrounded building?

In any event, after they took last year off, and returned for the 2009 season, I thought I would at least see if the show would be an improvement of the ridiculous product they had been foisting on viewers since the first season. It started out interesting, and then it happened. It was in the last half hour of the show, when, during a commercial break, a ‘PSA’ featuring the actress playing POTUS, came on and proceeded to proselytize about global warming. I immediately switched channels, never to return for the remainder of the season, but was informed by friends some of the additional nonsense that ensued, culminating with Jack calling for an imam on his (supposed) death bed.

A friend of mine had recorded it, and I had to see it for myself.
While they panned back, and you couldn’t hear what was said, it left me wondering if Jack did mutter the “shahada.”

So, I fully extend my congratulations to the cast and writers of “24” for their well deserved honor. It isn’t every year when such a clear message of dhimmitude is expressed by a prime time drama series.

Back in the saddle


Long afternoon, mixing busines with pleasure.

I located a bunch of 55 gal drums, with lids, food-grade no less, for $10 each.  The only problem was that they were about an hour and a half drive away.  So, I combined a business trip and made arrangements to pick up the drums on the way back.  Gots to be able to write off the mileage, know what I mean?

The trip home took a little longer, what with all those barrels strapped to the back of my pickup, but, all in all, it was a good trip.

Mrs. Nuke has quit shaking her head every time I bring one of my “finds” home.  In fact, she even joins in sometimes.

When she asked me, “Honey, did you see the can goods sale they’re having down at the Piggly Wiggly,”  I knew some of my semi-prepper insanity was starting to take hold.  She surprised me the other night when one of the TV stations said something about the ammunition shortage, and she said, “I guess it’s a good thing we bought ours last year.”

Notice she said “we” and “ours.”

And, it’s still cheaper than a sports car.


Life is good.

Welcome ex-GCP’ers

Update: Here is a link to Conservative Talk. Nano has graciously loaned the guest room to GCP.


hatmanI’m as surprised as anyone at the recent demise of Gulf Coast Pundit.

Saddened, too. GCP was my “blog-daddy,” inspiring me to try my own hand at blogging three years ago. I’ll miss dropping by to scan the topics and comments, and occasionally making a comment of my own. But, as with any blog, it’s not the website address that makes a place special — it’s the people who come by and share their experiences that make all the difference.

Having said that, please know that you folks are more than welcome here.

The format here is a lot like the old GCP blog before they went to the “forum” style.

Comments are open and unmoderated, and registration is not required. One word of caution, the spam filter is sensitive. If you post a comment with more than a couple of hyperlinks, there’s a good chance it will get caught in the filter. So, post accordingly.

Also, since most of you are accustomed to starting your own threads, if you think you might like to have an author’s account so you can post on the front page, just shoot me an email. My addy is in the lower left sidebar.

Thanks for coming by.


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