Thursday Open

It’s a hot, steamy Southern summer night, and summer is still ten days away.

Pretty normal stuff.

There’s a band playing down at Buddy’s, half a mile or so down the street. The bass line is kind of floating on the heat vapors, and the band is pounding out one of those great 80’s numbers …

Child Sexually Abused By Adoptive Parents

“Letterman thinks raping little girls is funny.” tshirtLACEY, Wash.A girl adopted from China has allegedly been sexually assaulted for years by both her adoptive mother and father, said Lt. Jim Mack of the Lacey Police Department.A 51-year-old man and his 47-year-old wife face multiple charges of rape as they are accused of sexually assaulting their adoptive daughter for at least the past four years, Mack said….

“Adopted from China, brought here and appears to become the personal sex toy of these two defendants,” said senior deputy prosecutor Joe Wheeler.

In other news, David “Letterman thinks raping little girls is funny.”

What a guy!

GCP meetup

For any of the late-stragglers, here is a link to Conservative Talk.

And, just in case you lose track of this post, a link to Conservative Talk has been added to the right hand side-bar under “The Roll.”

Nano, the owner of Conservative Talk, has graciously loaned the guest room to the folks from GCP.

eagle nebulaDrop by to find out the latest progress as Admiral Adama leads the rag-tag banned of brothers, in search of a new home.

And, be sure to drop back by here from time to time.



Barney gets his shorts in a wad

Why in the world do Mass. voters keep re-electing this clown?



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