Did Michelle have Walpin fired?

Judson Berger reports:

A top Republican senator is asking whether First Lady Michelle Obama’s office played any role in last week’s firing of former service program Inspector General Gerald Walpin.

The concern, one of several surrounding Walpin’s sudden dismissal, stems from the timing of a staff switch in the first lady’s office. Just days before Walpin got the boot, the White House announced Michelle Obama’s chief of staff would be appointed senior adviser to the agency Walpin was responsible for monitoring. Michelle Obama said at the time she and her outgoing staffer, Jackie Norris, would work closely going forward.

michelle-fires--walpinNaturally, the White House denies any wrong-doing. And, the fact that the target of IG Walpin’s investigation, Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson, is big buds with the First Lady is simply a coincidence.

No. Not just a coincidence. It was … it was … an act of political courage! Yeah that’s what it was. Firing IG Walpin to keep him from exposing government corruption was an act of political courage.

No doubt about it.


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WFFOT: A thread of political courage.

Thread NoteThe New GCP is up and running.  The gang is checking in, and most of the plumbing is hooked up.  BTW, it’s BYOB.


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8 Responses

  1. Well, I’ll not hold my breath waiting for anything approaching even “Congressional ethics” standards to be seen from the Obama Cafe-au-lait House.

  2. Nah, she would never poke her nose in the business of
    the Oval Office!.

    They all carry big shovels to keep their crap covered up.

    Thanks for the banner on Grouchys opening. 🙂

  3. President fires IGs. Questions remain…

    Obama promised his administration would be open and transparent. Yet, he has fired three Inspectors General…

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  5. Happy Father’s Day, y’all.

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  8. Sad…

    There are two cartoons today that capture the mood of many. For those of you who’ve been somewhere in the woods for the past week or so, President Obama has released those Chinese terrorists from Gitmo to go to Bermuda on our dime. Yup…

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