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I’ve got a message, for the eight Republicans who crossed the line to vote for the cap’n trade bill.

I’m sick and tired of this nonsense.

Life is good.  You’ve heard me say that many times.  But the fact is, until we demand that it stays good, and not put off till tomorrow to when you might be less busy, or more outraged, then every idiocy that has  ever percolated to the top of the liberal wish list will become law:  enabled by poltroonish wads of goo like the 8 wads of goo named above.

No more concessions!

It’s time for Zero Freaking Tolerance.  No more allowance for the nutjobs.  No more concessions to the free lunch crowd.  No more agreement with the idiotic utopian premise of the psychotic Left.

NO to  industry destroying, job-exporting tax increases disguised as feel-good “save the planet,” man-made global warming mumbo-jumbo legislation that is rushed to the floor of the House, unread, undiscussed, unbelievable in its size and scope, and as unworkable  as a Rube Goldgerg mousetrap.

NO to the nationalization of the health-care profession.

NO to a free-spending, unaccountable Congress.

Argue every single piece of legislation, and every single appointment all the way. Demand the details of every bill put forward by the nutjobs, and if they won’t provide them, then walk out!  Call a press conference.  Name names.  Use the internet.  Make Youtube your ally.

And, when you do finally get some details, then comb them for every single crumb of waste.

If your elected representatives don’t vote for common sense then turn up the heat.  Make their professional lives a professional dolor. Call them, email them, make a video and post it on the internet.  Slap every single example of incompetence with an equal measure of common sense every single time.

Zero Freaking tolerance.  That’s what I’m talking about.

Think, people, think.   This Republic isn’t the way it is by accident.  We allowed it to happen.

It’s time to make common sense cool again.

Update:  From H/A, Energy Czar hasn’t read the bill either


This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread — a Free Speech Zone.

WFFOT: Zero Freaking Tolerance, baby!

Dr. Dave has a message for the 8 Republicans who completely missed the Tea Party message, and voted for the cap and trade monstrosity.

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10 Responses

  1. I’m good with that. I’m sick of them.

  2. You forgot to say *rant off.*
    I’m sick of that little social club they have in D.C., too. They have their own retirement plan, job security, and health care, and don’t care about the rules we have to live by.
    Screw all of them.

  3. /rant off

    *Edited for cuss words

  4. I am sick to death of these faux public “servants” that are serving only themselves. These people are working against the best interests of their constituents. They are attempting to ruin what little manufacturing base is left or drive it overseas. They deliberately screw the small investor by having a rigged market and the private individual trying to save for retirement by devaluing the value of his savings. They stand to make BILLIONS by their investment in this cap and trade bullshit, billions that will be stolen from the people that can least afford it. Grandparents will not be able to afford heat in the winter and will be lectured that they are too wasteful and need to cut back on their profligate lifestyles by people that take Air Force 1 on short jaunts to area cities.

    I see a lot of domestic enemies out there.

  5. There are a lot of newly unemployed people out there, and their numbers are growing daily. Take up the job the lapdog media won’t do. Investigate the shit out of these nutjobs. Stand beside the road if necessary holding up posters with the details of the politicians’ incestuous relationships with banks and cap and trade.

    Personally, I’d like for Americans that are completely pissed off to go on a national strike. No buying or selling. Withdraw from the stock market completely. Take your money out of the banks that took TARP funds. Don’t make that quarterly tax payment. Starve ’em for money.

  6. Things are getting stranger and stranger.

  7. I’m glad a few of us realize which road of destruction that them scum in Washington and their supporters are leading us to. We just need about 5 million more to say **** off and take our country back before we become slaves.

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  10. Long Beach Tea Party Infomercial…

    This wonderful man has made an infomericial for our Tea Party on the 4th of July. He makes phamphlets, business cards, and signs at Bring Home The Politicians. His name is Michael Norbury, and he is very gracious. I hope all my bothers and sister…

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