Taliban plans to teach Marines a lesson

Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Operation Foladi Jal, Pashtu for “iron net”, would teach the Marines “a lesson”. Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi told AFP by telephone from an unknown location.About 4,000 Marines poured into the southern province on the border with Pakistan on Thursday in an operation called Khanjar (dagger) that is the first test of a beefed-up US strategy to tackle extremist militants in the region.

“In response to Operation Khanjar by the invading forces, we have launched Operation Foladi Jal,” Ahmadi said. “Their Khanjar will get stuck in our Foladi Jal,” the rebel spokesman said. “In this operation we’ll teach them a lesson so they will never again dare to come into our areas,” he said.The operation would include improvised bomb explosions and “hit-and-run guerrilla attacks”, Ahmadi said.

“Their Khanjar will get stuck in our Foladi Jal,”


Yeah, I hate it when that happens.


7/7/05 remembered

From The Guardian:

7-7 memorialFour years after 7/7 became shorthand for terror, the bereaved and the survivors of the London bombings gathered in Hyde Park to dedicate a striking memorial to the victims of mainland Britain’s worst terrorist atrocity.

“It has such power,” said Saba Mozakka, 28, whose mother Behnaz, 47, perished in one of four bombs detonated in 50 minutes. “It represents each of these incredibly important individuals who are so missed and so loved by their families. But, it also reflects the collective and the connectivity of what happened on that day – 52 people but four locations. It is absolutely stunning, incredible. And it is right it should be here in Hyde Park. It is right that London should never forget, that the country should never forget.”

The world should never forget.

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