Indian Plant Helps Maintain Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Balanced

The extract of an Indian plant called Gymnema sylvestre helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol at normal levels.

The new extract, OmSanA, is a concentrated form of Om Santal Adivasi (OSA), the active compound found in the G. sylvestre leaf. The extract is offered in vegetarian capsule form and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and normal cholesterol levels naturally. According to clinical studies, results are achieved in as little as 30 days; no side effects have been reported to date at normal daily dosages (500 mg -750 mg).

Certainly an interesting sounding product:  “natural”, “holistic”, “vegetarian”, all the popular buzz-words.  In fact, the article cites clinical studies, but fails to provide a link, other than to the corporate site which markets the product. “Major Scientific breakthrough … may provide new therapy for type 2 diabetes”

After more digging, I was unable to find any published research which supports the company’s claims.  Several related articles mention the research done at King’s College, London, and one in particular which said that the research was “not published in a peer-reviewed journal.”

Search engine results;  Gymnema sylvestre wiki

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