The Laux Family. Someone You Should Know!

In the current culture wars, the battle between life and death has been brought into view by political events.

The debate over the proposed health care reform has created much consternation, with the idea of “death panels” being promoted by pending legislation, as well as government funded abortions.

A story, in two parts, has reminded me that each day there are new stories of life and death, of hope for loved ones, young and old.

These stories appeared in the Dallas Morning News. While I’m a Dallas resident, I seldom scan this publication, but due to divine direction, I discovered this story last week.

Before I post the links, I should caution any that read these stories of unrequited love for an unborn child, tears are guaranteed to follow. Having a towel handy would be recommended, as I found Kleenex was inadequate.

The first story, introduces us to Deidrea and T.K. Laux, and the discovery that their unborn child is a boy that has a severe condition, trisomy 13. They learned what the prognosis was and what their options were, and chose life for their child, knowing it may be only for minutes.

Those(tests) confirmed that Thomas had trisomy 13. The condition is fatal and so rare that only three or four babies are born with it yearly in Collin County and only six or eight in Dallas County.

After hearing the grim prognosis, T.K. spoke first: Thomas was meant to be theirs, he told the doctors, and Thomas had a purpose. However brief his life might be, it was a gift.

The second, and last part of the story, introduces us to Thomas Gordon Laux, and his brief time with us here on Earth. Thomas left them and went to God, on Independence Day 2008.

“We never knew that we could love that much,” Deidrea said. “Our son brought us together and taught us how to be a family.”

Thomas also showed them how much God cared about the details of their lives. They felt God’s presence in every doctor and nurse, in their hospital and hospice.

“We learned that God is still in the business of miracles,” she said. “Some people say, ‘Well, you didn’t get the miracle.’ … But we did.”

“Thomas was a miracle from the moment he was conceived,” she told the congregation. “We are better because Thomas existed.”

As painful a story as this is to read, the lessons of life and love are numerous.
There are likely many such stories we never hear about, and even more likely that too many parents take the option of terminating the pregnancy.
While I don’t know the Lauxes, I think I know who they are, and am blessed to know of them.

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