“Hi Nuke.  Howya doin’?”

“Oh, pretty good.  How ’bout you, Doc?”

“Good.  Look, I need you to drop by my office.  Are you in town today?”

“Yeah, I can be there in 30 minutes.”

“Great.  Come on by.”

—   —  —

I knew it wasn’t going to be good news.

They don’t call and tell you to come right over just to tell you good news, unless you’re at a much higher pay grade than I am.

Looks like ol’ Nuke has some big-time health issues.  I’ll be going under the knife, so to speak, and then, God only knows.  As a believer, I’m mighty glad about that last part.

At best, these are life-changing  events.  And, if I’m not so fortunate, well, if it’s my time, then so be it.

The running joke with Mrs. Nuke, is that I’m an “idea man,”  basically meaning that I’ve got bunches of unfinished projects around the Hacienda Del Nuko. And, that’s the tough part:  I just hate leaving so much unfinished business, know what I mean?  There are grandkids to play with, gardens to plant, plans to make, trips to take, love to share, and so much to discover.

So much unfinished business.


Later y’all.



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