Buzzards gotta eat, same as the worms

John Evander Couey, convicted child rapist and murderer has assumed room temperature, depriving Florida and the Lunsford family of seeing Couey’s death sentence carried out.

Mark Lunsford, the victim’s father once said of Couey, that he wouldn’t mind if Couey died at the hands of another inmate, saying “I would be buying a lot of cigarettes for someone.”

Looks like Mr. Lunsford won’t have to buy those cigarettes after all.

Couey died of cancer today in prison.

More at Tampa Trib

5 Responses

  1. Yep. Heard it on the news on the way home. Hope he had excrutiating pain. Too bad the family didn’t have the satisfaction of him being executed.

  2. I was hoping it was a “cerebral hemorrhage”.

  3. I believe I read it was anal cancer.

  4. I hate it when they cheat the hangman like this.
    I wanted his last moments on earth to be a reminder of why he was being executed, and that the horror he was experiencing was but a hint of the horror he put a little girl through, and subsequently, her family.
    Rot in hell you perverted bastard. I hope Satan rides you like a mechanical bull.

  5. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t even be good buzzard food. Probably on all kinds of drugs that would be bad for the buzzards.

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