Stimulus results? $340,000 per job

The Obama administration is crowing about the success of their largest-ever stimulus package, claiming some 1 million jobs either created or saved.

Taking out my trusty calculator, I see that 1,000,000 jobs are being claimed at a cost of some $340,000,000,000….

Put another way, each of those jobs came at a cost of $340,000.

How’s that hope and change working for ya’?

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  1. Joe Biden Sheriff of the Stimulus Funds said, “So if this — six months from now, if the verdict on this effort is that we’ve wasted the money, we built things that were unnecessary, or we’ve done things that are legal but make no sense, then, folks, don’t look for any help from the federal government for a long while. They’re going to make sure — the folks in the House and in the Senate are going to make sure you wear the jacket, not them.

    So this is a big deal — this is a big deal. It’s also being closely watched not just by me, but by the President, and by Mr. Devaney, who is one of the most respected IGs we have in the federal government, and is known by many of you. And it’s also being watched by the taxpayers and it’s being watched by the media.
    And that’s a good thing — that’s a good thing, because the resources being made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are a critical piece — a critical piece of how we’re going to get through this economic crisis, and just as importantly, how we’re going to build the economy of the future, which the Secretary referenced.

    The construction of the $6 million dollarTallahassee Turtle Tunnel(s) Turtlebahn is underway, thanks to the $3.4 million dollar subsidy from Stimulus money.

    Living in Tallahassee, I have watching a total of about 10 worker building the infamous Turtlebahn Tunnel in Tallahassee. What a coincidence, amount of Stimulus money is $3.4 million. Good math Nuke.

  2. Thanks watchdog

  3. I believe that amount of money has disappeared into the government alimentary canal, but I do not believe that many jobs have been created or saved.
    I would put the number, based on what the AP has revealed, at more like $3.4 million per job. It’s so obvious, it’s…transparent.

  4. So was my job saved? Does making half of a normal year’s wage consider it saved? B-HO’s shit is wearing pretty thin. I never thought in my life I would see a president worse than Carter. Will wonders never cease?

  5. Yep, the laptop went dipshit again and I have to log in and get a monster face. :::sigh:::

  6. Hey, I’d be glad to take that $340,000 (or 3.4 million) and let somebody else have my job!

    • But Swampie, that’s what the jobs cost us, not what the employee gets paid.
      Your cut would be only be about $25k, the rest goes to wet the beaks of the various government offices and contractors it is funneled through.

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