Halloween, Fifty Years Ago! “A Great All-American”

billy cannon
Any football fan, and current or former resident of Louisiana, knows about the famous 89 yard punt return on Halloween night, by Billy Cannon, also known as “Flyin’ Twenty,” which was the winning score in this 7-3 hard fought game in the mud.

That brief moment in time, in a tightly contested game between #1 LSU and #3 Ole Miss, is not only memorable, it is unforgettable.

I was a very young boy when this historic game was played, and as was my families custom, we were all gathered around the radio in the living room listening intently, as we did all LSU games.

A few words about Billy Cannon, he was a football hero…a legend, yet he was also a man, subject to all the frailties and misjudgments as any other. His years as a football hero ended, he began a new life as an orthodontist, served two and a half years in prison for counterfeiting, has regained his honor through much hard work and introspection, and is now living a fulfilling life.
A true hero to the family he loves, and loves him.

There is an outstanding article I highly recommend reading, The Redemption of Billy Cannon.

Before viewing the famous punt return in the following video, there is something else you should know, something I only recently found out from my LSU family members, who also sent me the ESPN link.

When viewing the following video, make note of the official running down the sideline with Billy Cannon, he was an impostor, a gate crasher wearing the striped uniform of an official. His intention wasn’t to interfere with the game, he simply couldn’t find a ticket to the sold out game.(cancel the printing option when the link opens)

Without further adieu, here is the famous Billy Cannon punt return, which I have viewed at least four hundred times.

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  1. UM-LSU on Halloween weekend. It was always a great game. Shame that the expansion of the conference meant that a lot of the traditional rivalry games had to be moved.

    BTW, I had no idea about the imposter official. That is hilarious.

    Only at Tigah Stadium!

  2. Happy Halloween folks, expect about 200+ kiddies here tonight. Took the wifey all week to set up the front yard. I think she enjoys that part as much as the event itself. I was just telling the youngin’s about when we was young, they would send us home from school with little cardboard UNICEF boxes to collect change the night before.

    • When I was a kid, you got actual home made goodies which weren’t laced with poison, needles, or razor blades. Kids roamed freely, without parental supervision.
      We were so innocent, and the world was a safer place.

  3. Florida whooped the hail outta Georgia today.

  4. Fifty years later, Halloween at La Casa Blanca.

    • n2l, that is damn funny.

      Nobody ever comes to my house for Halloween, then last night one person came.

      I couldn’t answer the door cause I did have any candy.

  5. It’s sad that the good ole days are long gone. That is the price of progress.

  6. I disconnected my door bell three Halloweens ago.
    I never get anyone either, but why risk it. 😆

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