“The Surge” A Success Story!

Thanks to the outstanding website, Big Hollywood, for informing us of a long due documentary on “The Surge.”

First, the trailer.

Understanding the Surge – The Trailer from ISW on Vimeo.

The author of the piece at Big Hollywood states the following:

The documentary will be released on Monday, November 9th, and available as a free download at UnderstandingTheSurge.org, as a generous gift by The National Philanthropic Trust and the Ware Family Foundation. This way, everyone can hear the real story of the Surge. As the director and co-writer of this film, I hope audiences will take a look and see for themselves, there are some important lessons to be learned.

Here’s hoping our elected leaders are tuning in.

I wholly concur!

There is a time line of events from the website Understanding The Surge, as a reminder of why the surge was needed, along with the brilliant and simple counterinsurgency plan that accompanied it.

For detailed info on how events in Iraq transpired, from the re-invasion in 2003, through the insurgency, to the current status of security in Iraq, the pdf available from the Brookings Institute Iraq Index is invaluable. There are graphs showing the rise and fall of violence in Iraq, as well as many other valuable surveys and polls to illustrate how effective the surge has been, and why it is viewed by many now, and even more in the future, as an historic military accomplishment.

I wrote about the pending surge back in Jan 2007, Why 21,500 Additional Troops Is Actually Enough (As A Force Multiplier).
I believed in the plan and the leadership at the time, and feel my confidence was well placed.

We now have a video record of the actions in this documentary, and I will mark my calendar for Monday, 9 Nov 09, to see this film in its entirety.

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