Does this WaPo puff piece make my butt look big?

What do you call a person who is pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-tax increases, anti-gun rights, pro-Obama stimulus, pro-Obamacare, and pro-card check?

In a glowing puff piece to NY-23’s Dede Scozzafava, The Washington Post calls this person a GOP moderate.

And there’s more! Why, she’s a victim of a dysfunctional GOP purge, of course.

Conservatives however, have another name for a person who holds these views. We simply call them “Democrats.”

Poor Dede. It ain’t beanbags, dear.

As RSM points out,

“As to her victim status, her salary as an assemblywoman is more than $100,000. Nice work victimhood if you can get it.

4 Responses

  1. Uhhh…why no…you look….mahvelous!
    /poor Dede my hairy a*#

  2. Sounds like a marxist to me, but then again I’ve never known one. But I have had associations with radical lefties, so in a sense, been there done that.

  3. I do not accept tags – only actions, this woman is not representative of any conservative values that I have. Just a whinny B*tch. Get lost for good, you and your Union hubby.

  4. My “somewhat” cynical character requires me to wonder who paid you off and how much Dede?

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