Guess who’s coming to dinner

The much ballyhooed Obama “jobs summit” is remarkable not only for who is invited to participate, but also who is being excluded.

Notable for being excluded from the gathering are representatives from the US Chamber of Commerce, and the National Federation of Independent Business, as well as anyone who has been publicly critical of the Administration’s sweeping plans to overhaul of the healthcare system. As reported in the Times, several analysts say the summit will be packed only with Obama supporters, and lacks any diversity of opinion.

The summit will however be attended by representatives from Big Labor, including the SEIU and ACORN-connected group “Change To Win.” SEIU and Change to Win were named in the Illinois Rod Blagojevich Scandal, and have extensive ties to ACORN.

ACORN has been completely exposed as a corrupt, criminal enterprise, worthy of RICO prosecution. President Obama’s continued support is indefensible.

Both SEIU and Change to Win have no place in a serious discussion on job creation. Their very existence, as well as their dependence upon the government teat makes them both incapable and uninterested in supporting policies which promote private sector growth.

The incompetence of the Obama Administration continues.

Update: Note to NY Times — Describing ACORN as a “beleaguered anti-poverty group” is a bit like describing al qaeda as a “controversial islamic rights group.” I suggest you check out Breitbart’s Big Government website and get a better handle on the situation.

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  1. If B-HØ is there, SEIU is there.
    He is them, and they are he.

  2. What are they going to talk about, the best way to break someone’s kneecaps because they didn’t sign the freakin card?

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