Snow day!

Woo Hoo!  Nice to look at, but I think I’ll just stay inside.

Glad we have some football games on today.

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  1. Glad that crap didn’t stick here the other day.
    I don’t mind seeing it in a pic, like yours, I just don’t like to see it in person.

    Time for the C-USA champeenship, featuring the best QB in the country, Case Keenum.

  2. Hey guys! Sorry to post this here, but I can’t post over at blogmocracy and was wondering if anyone had any admin e-mails to let them know.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. I’m liking the way the SEC champeenship is going, as well as the Arizona-USC game.
    /go Corn Huskers

  4. I know it’s late but Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    USC lost again, love it. Go ‘BAMA go!!! Yes.
    Got to go Huskers tonight.

    • Bama put a serious butt stompin’ on the gators.

      Now, if only the Huskers could pull it off tonight, we might actually see a great BCS champeenship.
      Bama versus TCU.


      • you think the frogs can hang with bama?

      • They aren’t just frogs…Super Frogs!
        When a Horned Frog gets fighting mad, they spit blood out of their eyes.
        I think they would give the Tide all they would want.

  5. oh geeze…. 🙄 tis the season

    Battle smiley face

  6. If Nebraska had any offense at all, they would be winning this game.

    • That has been the Huskers problem all year.
      Their defense is second to none.
      The out of bounds kick and the personal foul gave the Horns the win.

  7. ‘BAMA will stomp Longhorn tail!!
    Another year with a messed up championship.

  8. I want a playoff!!!

    • I hear ya my friend.
      Maybe the congressman in this area will be able to make a change, even though I hate the thought of the politicians involvement in this.

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