Breitbart rides again

Announcing Big Journalism

“If these traditional media outlets can’t be shamed into telling the truth, diverted for doing the wrong story, for simply running defense for one party, and mocked away from creating journalistic rules that only hold those on the right accountable, then it puts us in a position to do more than we’ve done in the past with talk radio and web aggregation.”

You gotta love it.

Obama accepts Nobel, early favorite for Heisman

President Barack Obama officially accepted his first Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo, and acknowledged his peace-making resume’ was “slight”.

Mr. Obama used the occasion to ignore the ongoing struggle for freedom in Iran. Not one single mention was made of the student-led protests in Tehran, or of the brutality of the Iranian regime.

It was a perfect opportunity missed.

More: Robert Stacy McCain dispels the rumor that President Obama is the early Heisman favorite.

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