Texas:The NCAA’s QB Factory!

Texas High School football has had a long and storied history. Anyone familiar with football in this state can name a long list of former Texas football greats, from almost any era.

In the current era of High School football, however, the list of Quarterbacks competing at the highest levels of the NCAA’s FBS schools is simply astounding.

My friend Nuke asked me last year, why are there so many QBs from Texas playing for big time college football teams. At that time, Chase Daniel was still playing for Missouri, Matthew Stafford was at Georgia, and the newest kid of notice, particularly for Nuke since he is from Mississippi, was the Ole Miss QB, Jevan Snead.

My answer to Nuke was, and still is, Texas Seven On Seven football, which began in 1998. In the current Rivals recruiting rating on Qbs, Texas has nine listed in the top fifty, while California(traditionally dominant) has eleven recruits.

Which brings us to the current QBs in the NCAA FBS statistical leaders, as well as the major bowl games.

Of the top fifty highest statistically rated QBs in the NCAA, fifteen(33%) played high school football in Texas. Also, of the thirty four bowl games, there will be twelve starting QBs from Texas, including the two from the teams competing for the BCS Championship game, Alabama and Texas.

It is also important to note that the top statistical QB in the country is from Texas, Case Keenum, from 3A Abilene Wylie High School, which is competing for the state championship this very day. Case has set new records at the University of Houston, breaking those set by Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware, and his successor David Klingler. It’s unfortunate that UofH doesn’t get more exposure, as Case is deserving of consideration for the Heisman, but then there is always next year.
He’s only a junior.

What the Seven On Seven has meant for the QBs in our state who participate each summer in this program is they get many, many repetitions throwing the prolate spheroid. This affords them the opportunity to develop accuracy, finesse, strength, timing and vision, all attributes that translate directly to on the field performance.

Since the era of Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, to the current era, Texas High School football has encountered many different styles of play, but putting the ball in the air is still the most exciting and productive means to move the chain down the field.

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  1. It’s still kind of surprising to see so many top qb’s coming from Texas. But, the numbers speak for themselves.

    When I think of Texas football, my memory takes me back to the power running game, triple option, Emery Bellard, and backs who could run with both speed and authority. Ricky Williams, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Cedric Benson, Chris Gilbert, Curtis Dickey.

    The Big XXII hasn’t been the same since Stoops came to Oklahoma.

    • There are many more RB names to add to your list, nuke, but you are overlooking other important names and schools.
      The run and shoot of the late 80’s early 90’s was a harbinger of things to come. My old high school was one of the earliest in this state to use the spread, during the same time period, and won the state championship with it. The offensive line only had one kid over two hundred pounds, but utilizing small, fast and quick running backs(4.5 40yds) and wide receivers(4.2/4.3 40 yds), the bigger schools couldn’t stay on the field with them.
      The use of the spread exploded after that, which also gave the RBs more and better angles and lanes, as well as let the kids who could throw, and the WRs who could catch and run, light up the scoreboard. The 7-on-7 was a natural progression of the desire of coaches and kids to throw the ball.
      You are starting to see it first hand, how the development of QBs from Texas has progressed. Drew Brees is from a suburb of Austin.

    • On the Big XII, no it hasn’t been the same, but only because of his offensive coordinator in the beginning, who is now the head coach at Texas Tech, Mike Leach. Leach left after a year or two, as Stoops wanted a more balanced attack.

  2. WHOO-HOO!
    Turner Gill is the new coach at Kansas.
    He has accomplished a lot at Buffalo, and he is due a top coaching job.
    Stanford interviewed him a number of years ago, but his devout Christian faith turned the selection committee against him.

    • where do I know his name from? nebraska qb?

      • He was the Nebraska QB in the early 80’s. As a starter for the Huskers, his record was 28-2, 20-0 in Big Eight conference play. All three years he was the QB, they were within a whisker of the National Title.
        BTW, he went to high school in Texas.

    • Oh my … my heart will be torn when KS plays NE, but I’ll still be pulling for my Huskers. (All this from a KS girl)

      • Ain’t that sumpin’?
        You know it will choke him, and a bunch of Husker fans, up when he goes to Lincoln.

  3. The Texas 3A state championship is live on the innernut.

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