BCS Open Thread

Colt McCoy is injured in the 1st quarter. Two early Texas field goals then 24 unanswered from the Tide.

Halftime score Alabama 24 Texas 6

Funniest thing so far, Lee “Not so fast” Corso, drunk off his azz at the ABC desk …. just doin’ his Max Baucus impression, I suppose.

Update: It’s final, Bama 37-21.

2nd funniest thing so far, Nick “Show Me The Money” Saban getting a gatorade shower. He was the only person in the entire audience that didn’t see it coming. Solid!

5 Responses

  1. “Show Me The Money” should be Mac Brown’s nic.

    I don’t recall seeing him, was that during the half time show? I never watch those things.
    We still don’t know what McCoy’s injury is. He said his arm was dead, if so, he probably has some serious nerve damage. I experienced that once with a neck/shoulder injury, but it didn’t last long.
    The freshman Gilbert, he might be the best QB in UT history, the kid is fantastic. I’ve watched him since he was a junior in high school, and he is the real deal. He sure got his baptism by fire tonight.

  2. ‘BAMA YEAH.

    Gilbert will definitely be good and don’t look past RB Newton.

    • Newton is adequate, but the RB’s UT has in the wings may make him sit down. They have a freshman that is an animal, over 230 and a 4.4 guy. Then they have a commitment from Traylon Shead, second in Texas high school history for rushing yards. He was coached by the same coach that coached Adrian Peterson in high school, and he looks like Peterson, about 6’2″ 215 with blazing speed.
      I actually thought they would red shirt Gilbert this year.

    • A video highlight of Traylon Shead.
      Big, strong, fast and smooth.
      I hate the thought of him in the same back field with Gilbert for the next three years. He should be wearing OU Crimson and Cream, not burnt orange.

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