WFFOT: Time to wear the pants

New ad campain for Dockers™
(h/t snakedoc, click to enlarge)

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  1. Interesting.
    Does this mean that Levi Strauss & Co. has removed all the homosexuals, and their supporters, from their corporate offices?
    The reason I won’t buy anything with the Levi brand is because they attempted to force United Way to not fund Boy Scouts unless they forced BSA to allow homosexual counselors.
    My boycott of Levi began in 92 when this happened, and will remain, despite a slick manly-man advertising campaign, unless or until they change their policy towards the BSA.

    • thanks for the linky.

      I don’t buy too many of my clothes. Mostly giftage and such.

      • Well then, take my advice.
        If you haven’t let your kith and kin know about this, if they give you a gift with the Levi brand, ask them for a receipt for an exchange.
        If the banking industry wasn’t in so much turmoil, I would find another, as mine has also canceled funding for the BSA.

  2. Dockers? Manly pants? Give me a fu**in break. Real men wear denim.

  3. Oh now I can’t say that about Mrs. D. We love bacon though… 😀

    but then again i did have a first wife. Thinking smiley face

  4. Nuke, this danged thing won’t hardly let me do anything anymore, including posting a video.
    What can we do, delete my account and start over again?

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