Scott Brown wins Mass election in epic upset

AP calls it for Brown

A week before President Obama’s first State of the Union Address, the people of Massachusetts delivered a stunning rebuke to Democrat plans to “fundamentally change” the country.

The loss by the once-favored Coakley for the seat that the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy held for nearly half a century signaled big political problems for the president’s party this fall when House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates are on the ballot nationwide.

It was just a little over a week ago that a Rasmussen Poll showed Scott Brown had closed to within single digits of the heavily favored Coakley. By the time the Democrats realized the momentum had shifted, it was too late. Even a last-minute campaign swing by President Obama himself did nothing to stem the tide.


Best headline so far … “A Blue State Turns BROWN”

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11 Responses

  1. This is huge.
    Glad to see Øbummer still has the Copenhagen touch.

  2. Dam, son. It feels good to win one for a change.

  3. How sweet it is!!
    The snowball express is getting bigger every day.

  4. For the first time… ever, I actually disagree with Michelle on something and in particular this issue. I don’t think Senator Brown should give the response only because I wouldn’t want him to be identified with a “party” response. He represents more than that and I wouldn’t want him to be so quickly boxed in while there’s a bigger movement going on out there. He was elected because of anger at Washington, Congress, and the White House and there were a lot of Independents and Democrats that voted for him. For the first time in a long time we conservatives in Massachusetts have allies for a bigger cause. The Republicans in Massachusetts are so outnumbered and so insignificant when it comes to thwarting Democrats and their idealistic legislation and spending that I recognize there’s something more going on here. It’s more “Tea Party” than it is Republican Party. He didn’t even mention the “Republican Party” in his acceptance speech and there was a pragmatic and logical reason for that. Brown was careful not to make his campaign a “Republican” thing and the only politicians from whom he accepted help was a popular Massachusetts guy in Romney and Rudi Guliani whose Italian heritage helped him in the North End and with the issues of dealing with terrorists whose social stances are more in line with those that crossed over to support him. It’s my thinking that by using Brown we might immediately alienate him with some of his local supporters and might inhibit other candidates in similar situations in other blue states in the future where they might look at Brown from afar and think “once they get to Washington the Republicans will own them.” Just a thought, Michelle is a genius and probably is right but I thought I might offer a slightly different perspective.

  5. Thanks for the linkage, Nuke. We’ve a long, long way to go…

  6. ckson had lunch. true story.

  7. It was Bush’s fault that Brown won……WTF….I love it.

  8. Scott Brown’s win isn’t just about the people disliking incumbents. I voted for President Obama (like many Independents) hoping he was a centrist but I was wrong. Like many Americans, I did not do my research on the people who surround this President. Now, I realize that this Administration has many socialists who want to fundamentally change our country by pushing their Progressive agenda down the American people’s throats. The Bush administration was no better, they failed our country miserably by outsourcing all of our jobs (manufacturing) out of America and buy taking care of Wall Street instead of Americans. The mistakes that Obama has made (besides not standing up to China about the currency problem so we can change the trade laws) are piling up and the Democrats in charge of health care need to be tar and feathered. They are worthless and corrupt. We need a health care system created by politicians who work in the open, not behind closed doors. Lastly, we have terrorists who would love to destroy our country and who hate us. What does this administration do? They get them lawyers and band-aids. Does this Administration remember what Al Kaeda does to Americans if they are captured? They are beheaded on video. And we have people who are worried about the terrorist’s rights? Our President apologizes to the world about how bad we are, when this country has fed hundreds of millions of people for decades. Our brave and blessed soliders died to save the world from pure evil twice (World War 1 & 2) Then yesterday we finally had lawmakers criticizing leaders of an internal Pentagon inquiry into the deadly Fort Hood shootings for refusing to discuss why the accused gunman moved through the U.S military’s ranks despite repeated concerns over his performance and behavior. The American people can easily see how politial correctness has filtered up to the highest levels in our military. Why would anyone turn in this guy knowing if you did, this administration would go after you and courtmartial you for racial profiling. Look at how this administration is prosecuting the Navy Seals for alleged crimes. Just how stupid is this Administration to prosecute 3 Navy Seal heros for giving a terrorist a fat lip when they should have shot and killed the SOB on the spot. There are too many terrorists going to trial and not enough going to Allah! Why is this Administration doing this? Apparently, many people in Massachusetts have made a conscious list of the boneheaded moves by our President dealing with this terrorist problem. The list has become so big, many Americans do not trust our President anymore. This time in history is just like when Woodrow Wilson was in office. The fundamental problem with the Progressives is that they believe they are smarter than those they govern. You can see it in Obama’s speeches. He recently said of the health care bill, “The American people will realize that this bill is a good thing…and doesn’t do what they say it does.” That’s more or less saying, “These peasants simply don’t understand what we, their great leaders, are trying to do for them.” People are upset. People aren’t buying what the left is selling, and continuing to try to force this agenda will only serve to hurt them even more. The Progressives always thought they were smarter than the old dumb masses. The American people know when something is wrong. The worst part of this mess is we have three more years of more of the same.

    • Well Roy, I’m glad you now see the light, along with many others….. If only people like you had done some research before the election we won’t be dealing with this liberal agenda now. Keep that in mind next time you go to the polls,
      being informed on who we’re voting for is our duty as American citizens.

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