Buh Bye

Air America to “cease broadcasting immediately.”

Bush’s fault.

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  1. Officially they are shutting down, unofficially, they went away long ago.

    • that’s true. they’e been zombied ever since alfranken and the boys stole all the money from the orphange or something and they did the BK thing.

      I never listened to it. I don’t know of a station that carried it. Not too surprising I suppose, way down here in the deeeeeeeep south.

      • Even the liberals didn’t listen to it.
        I accidentally came across an odd frequency one night, and listened for a few moments and realized it was this freakazoid radio station. I didn’t know there was any signal for it here in Texas, but they had one, a very weak, unheard of and poorly supported one.

  2. Schadenfraude alert.

    Slowing down isn’t in Air America’s plans either. ”In five years we’ll be on 600 radio stations,” Sinton boasted. ”The brand will be pervasive, and I think it will be a quaint memory when people said, ‘Boy, what a stupid idea.’

    I love it when liberals make predictions.

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