All this time y’all thought I was crazy

I guess I see this as some sort of validation from the mainstream press …

From the Dallas NewsStockpiling food, water in case of emergency is smart, not paranoid

I’ve been on yellow alert since Katrina. And Mrs. Nuke, bless her soul, has been real tolerant of it. Heh

4 Responses

  1. Here you go, the best and easiest way to do it.

    LDS is still the authority on survival. (h/t GCP)

  2. To the title of this thread I say…Not Me!
    I have my own plan, which involves letting the looters collect their booty, and then I relieve them of it.
    Call me lazy.

  3. Emergency supplies here.

  4. Well, emergency supplies EVERY hurricane season, enough for us, the kids, and the neighbors, if necessary, but they gotta pluck those emergency supplies their ownselves. We’re replacing those emergency hurricane supplies as we use ’em year around now, and adding to them.

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