About that last Favre interception

Update for State fans:
State falls to vandy, Jarvis just 27 blocks away from the record, and the NCAA still sucks. Full story at VZille …

A possible explanation for Brett Favre’s inexplicable, 4th quarter interception in the NFC Championship Game, which aborted a game winning Vikings drive … from Rick Cleveland’s blog

For all those who have criticized Favre for throwing instead of running on that last play against the Saints, check out Brett’s left ankle and his right hamstring.

Dang, son. That’s UGLY.

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  1. Don’t know nuttin’ about any 4th down interceptions or anything else about that game, as I only watch football, not the NFL.
    But those bruises look like he got whupped on with a knotted plow line.

  2. beat within an inch of his life.

    It was a great game, btw.

    Geaux Saints!

  3. Can’t say that he wasn’t giving it his all!
    Still glad that he got intercepted.

    Who dat?

  4. Sorry boys, you can’t change the fact that B-HO picked the Saints. My quatloos are still on Manning and the Colts.

    BTW, quatloos are all I can afford now thanks to B-HO.

  5. That’s what the lower half of my stomach looks like!

  6. Screw Obama. He ain’t got nuttin’ on da Saints.

    You gonna owe me some serious quatloos Bobby

  7. Damn that is an ugly bruise………….no 2 ways about it and he went back in the game iirc….

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