Worst Super Bowl Commercial Ever

The winner is ….. AUDI.

Whoever thought this was a good commercial needs their ass kicked.

I didn’t realize it was a car commercial until the very end. by that time, I was so appalled that I was ready to puke.

The sad part of it is that there are probably plenty of hopey-changers out there living in Al Gore’s fantasyworld that were sitting around having gaiaistic orgasms, screaming “oh my god, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have this kind of enforcement.”

Buy an Audi? Not.

SB Linkage: Life imitates the Audi commercial

BHO picks the Colts. So does Hot Air.


6 Responses

  1. BHO picks the Colts

    Son of a B!tch!! That’s what did it! Why couldn’t he keep his mouth shut and stick with the Saints?

  2. I would never buy an Audi, but I loved this commercial, I saw it several days ago and forwarded it to some family and friends. It goofed on the green meanies something fierce and they didn’t even know…and apparently some conservatives too.

    • Hey No2Liberals, has urbangrounds been hacked again?? I was in earlier today and read that he had been hacked earlier and now when I try to go back in it says OWNED by Azerbijian Defacers and some jackass message

      • Yeah, the muzzie a-holes hacked it. Robbie can’t fix it back until he gets home from work.

  3. It creeped me out. I totally missed the intended humor

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