Hotty Toddy, Go Ackbars, or something

Saw this the other day (hat-tip Robert D — Strong the Force is in this young padawan) …


When the Ole Miss administration voted to chuck Colonel Reb as the school’s official mascot in 2003, chances are they didn’t have Admiral Ackbar in mind as a replacement.

However, it appears that long after concluding his illustrious military career in Star Wars‘ Rebel Alliance, Ackbar is indeed in the running to be the school’s new sporting symbol.

A group of four students, dubbed the Ole Miss Rebel Alliance, have started a grassroots campaign to re-enlist the legendary Mon Calamari admiral through — obviously named in tribute to Ackbar’s most famous utterance:

Update: You knew it would happen … the rest of the SEC as Star Wars Characters

5 Responses

  1. Oh they fun they can have with, “It’s a trap.”

  2. If they want to trade a Colonel for an Admiral, why not compromise, and make the mascot General Reb?
    Problem solved.

  3. We need folks’ help! Will you help make the case for Admiral Ackbar?

    Click here to email University of Mississippi Chancellor David W. Jones and urge him to endorse Admiral Ackbar:

    – Edmonton Singh

  4. Maybe George Lucas wants the University of Mississippi to write to him and request PERMISSION TO USE HIS PROPERTY??

    If the University of Mississippi sees the mutual financial gain by having a George Lucas character as a candidate for mascot (Admiral Ackbar would still have to win the election 4 Mascot), then Chancellor Jones should write LucasFilms a letter requesting his use, after he consults with the University of Oregon for tips on what works in their contract with Disney.

    If other mascot supportive candidates need letters to the owners of those properties, then the University should also write for permission to use those characters. But this campaign to write to the chancellor to ask him to endorse Ackbar for mascot… without permission from George Lucas, this is just a lawsuit away from disaster.

    Ackbar supportive Students can write to George Lucas and ask him for permission to put Ackbar on the ballot at:
    Lucasfilm P.O. Box 29901, San Francisco, CA 94129

    As the mother of 2 students attending Ole Miss, I have written the only letter(s) I know of, to Lucas asking if he would please gift Ole Miss with permission to use Admiral Ackbar.

    Hope Springs eternal!

  5. I still support General Reb.

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