Coming Full Circle-The Importance Of A Foundation

I don’t really follow basketball and never had a real affection for the game. However, at this time of year, with the sudden elimination tournaments and the win or go home motivation added to the game, I do find the games fascinating. In the men’s NCAA tournament upsets are in abundance, and the thrill of the underdog players and their fans when they knock out a previously higher ranked opponent is fun to watch.

I also enjoy watching the women’s NCAA tournament, as the quality of play has advanced dramatically in the past twenty years. These tough young female competitors have as strong a desire to win as anyone. Yet, they are still young ladies not far removed from being young girls, and the foundations established in their young lives are quite evident.

I was watching the end of the Oklahoma vs Notre Dame game, which went into overtime. These two teams were slugging it out, contesting each shot and playing with an intensity that was unyielding. The young star for OU that made the game winning three point basket in a tie game with only seconds left had a redemptive experience, as she had confessed earlier to shying away from being the star last year, not wanting to be in a position to win the game. She had vowed to never allow that to happen again. It was wonderful to watch.

After the two teams exchanged handshakes, the OU women then gathered on the court in a circle, held hands and were led in prayer by an injured player. Yes, indeed their foundations were strong, and given added strength by their teammates.

I found the moment inspiring and also a reminder that these young women are being tested in athletic competition on a grand stage. This stage, however, is not as grand as the stage of life we have to perform on each and every day, and the thought that many of these young women haven’t really been tested spiritually yet, entered my mind. Most haven’t experienced the emotional highs and lows that life can present without warning. They don’t know so very much, but knowing they have a strong foundation I have faith that irrespective of what life has in store for them, they have an excellent chance of not only surviving, but thriving.

I read something a long time ago where the writer stated that “life is pain.” At the time I thought the writer was correct, but after gaining more life experience I’ve come to the conclusion that he/she was wrong. Life is filled with joy and pain, with both being equally important. The absence of one diminishes the effect of the other. What matters is the spiritual foundation the person was given.

Having said all this, I was reminded of a video I saw several days ago at I Am Second. I couldn’t find a method for downloading off of their site or I would have posted it earlier without a narrative. It is from author Anne Rice, and I found her story quite compelling, and indicative of the importance of a strong foundation.

I hope you find her witness as inspiring as I did.

The SYM:Pwning A Friend

This another Tale of the Sweaty Young Man.

The SYM wasn’t a malicious man by nature, but he was a guy that enjoyed a good practical joke, and the jocularity that men often engage in that might seem…odd to others.

This brings us to a warm humid Saturday evening at his house in Del Rosario compound. It was a large house with a large living area, a den, a formal dining room, a large kitchen, five bedrooms, and a laundry/utility room. The house was filled with rattan furniture and several Papa San and Mama San chairs. The SYM had three room mates, and they all worked together, but usually on different shifts.

On this early evening, the SYM and one of his roomies were sitting in the den watching TV and having some drinks. His roomie will be referred to as Sausalito Joe, as that is where he was from and was a real character, as though created by John Steinbeck(i.e. Tortilla Flats). As mentioned, it was warm and humid, as it was the rainy season, so the two roomies were lounging in the den in their underwear with the two oscillating fans on high speed.

During this time one of their other roomies, who seldom went out and ran the bars and streets as the rest of us did, was busy going between his bedroom and the bathroom across the hall from his first floor room. We noticed he had turned on the window a/c unit, which he had installed and was the only one in the house. We kept glancing through the living area and noticed his activities and commented on his preparations. Not long after, dressed in his freshly ironed and starched jeans, ironed western cut shirt, shined cowboy boots, all cleaned up and smelling good, our roomie known as Mac entered the den.

Mac was a good guy and a big guy, about 6’3″ and 240lbs. We always liked having him along on patrol, as he could block a door and not be moved by anyone. Mac was also not as outgoing as most of us, much more reserved by nature, but not someone you would normally fool with. Which is why he wasn’t entirely comfortable when he entered the room. Mac gave a little speech, instead of being as direct as we all typically were. He began by clearing his throat and stating that he was going out for the evening, that he had met a young lady that he wanted to take to dinner and a movie, and was hoping to bring her home later, which is why he would be leaving his a/c unit running. In a somewhat awkward way he asked if the SYM and Sausalito Joe would be up later or at home, and that if we were could we please have some clothes on. The SYM and Joe were silent and glanced at each other, and the twinkle in the SYM‘s eye tipped Joe off. Before Joe could say anything, the SYM spoke up and with a sincere tone, reassured Mac that there would be no problem with that, as the SYM would be going to bed early due to an early morning shift. Joe quickly replied that he was going out and wouldn’t be home until much later, and that if our other roomie came home, we would let him know Mac was bringing home company.

Mac let out a little sigh of relief and said goodnight, as he headed for the front door. Not long after the front door closed, Joe looked at the SYM excitedly and inquired about what they were going to do. The SYM told Joe to follow him into Mac’s room. As they stood in the door, the cool air from his a/c was almost shocking in its refreshing sensation, as they stood there in their tighty-whiteys. The SYM quickly looked at the lay out of the room, then walked over to Mac’s dresser and rummaged through a drawer and extracted the most worn out pair of undies Mac had. The SYM then explained the scheme to Joe, that Mac, being such a gentleman, would hold the bedroom door open for his young lady, she would step down into the bedroom and place her purse on the chair just inside. This is where Mac’s underwear would be hanging, on the back of the chair. Sausalito Joe nodded in agreement, the scenario seemed plausible, but didn’t understand why the underwear on the back of the chair. The SYM looked into Joe’s besotted Jim Beam eyes, and in a low deep voice asked Joe to go get the jar of extra crunchy peanut butter and a spoon. Joe’s eyes got large with the realization and was laughing as he ran to the kitchen and back.

The SYM held the underwear, which were stretched and had a few holes, while Joe applied the peanut butter to the crotch. When the SYM determined that the portion and weight of the peanut butter seemed appropriate for a large man’s…leavings, the SYM then hung the underwear on the back of the chair in such a way so that the illusion would be obvious. As they left Mac’s room, Joe was laughing excitedly and asked the SYM if he was going to wait up. The SYM said no, he was heading to bed in a few hours, at which time Joe said he wasn’t going anywhere, and that he would be hiding in the utility room when Mac got home to see what happened.

After some more jocularity and TV watching the SYM went to bed, with Sausalito Joe working on his second quart of Jim Beam, as was his custom.

Early the next morning, at 00:dark:30hrs., the SYM answered the alarm and climbed out of bed. As he exited his bedroom for the bathroom, the door felt heavy as it opened and a loud *thunk* was felt and heard on the outside of the door. Puzzled, he looked on the outside of the door, and hanging on the door knob was a pair of old underwear, stretching under the weight of a copious amount of extra crunchy peanut butter.

Later that day, Sausalito Joe saw the SYM for the first time since the evening before and couldn’t wait to tell the SYM what had transpired. Joe explained in detail, that Mac had held the door open for his date with a grand “tah-dah” gesture, as she stepped down into his frigid chamber. At the moment she put her purse on the chair she noticed the sagging underwear and its dark contents and jumped back with an expression of shock. Not knowing that anything was amiss, Mac looked at the chair and saw the soiled garment. He tried to reassure her it wasn’t what she thought, that someone was playing a joke and he picked up the offending item and sniffed them. The young lady recoiled even further in disgust when he did this and he was finally able to convince her it was peanut butter. Joe was well pleased at how the prank had played out, and the SYM basked in the glow of a successful ambush joke.

As for Mac and his date, they married many months later, and last I heard they were still married thirty five years later. Mac has been an assistant warden at a very famous state penitentiary for quite a few years.

As for Sausalito Joe, only the Good Lord knows where he is and what became of him. As good a man as he was, he seemed to be troubled somehow, as his heavy drinking would indicate.

As for the pwnage of Mac, he never really said anything about it, and didn’t seem to hold a grudge, but his new girlfriend certainly seemed to.

Don’t worry, be happy

Those Krazy Kos Kidz, All Wee-Weed Up!

This is too funny to just post in the links.

From HillBuzz:

“Not fair! Not fair! Not fair!”, they all shout, like small children upset things they did to siblings (with great glee) are now being done to them when the shoe is on the other foot.

It’s hilarious to watch.

As is his description of the dkos nutjobs flinging things in their parent’s basement.
You have got to read this one.

Obama At The Bat

A wonderful take-off from Casey At The Bat, by PJTV.

Blog Break

Spring Blog Break!

(Memphis Minnie and Joe McCoy’s original)

Catch y’all later.

Traitor Adam Gadahn captured

Update (thanks n2l):  It’s not him

from NY Daily News, Helen Kennedy

Adam Gadahn, the treasonous Californian Al Qaeda leader who has long been on Washington’s Most Wanted list, was nabbed in Pakistan Sunday – a huge victory.

After some confusion in the intial reports, the Associated Press quoted Pakistani officials confirming the arrest.

Gadahn was bagged just hours after releasing a new internet video urging American Muslims to go on shooting sprees like Maj. Nidal Hasan’s at Fort Hood last year.

He is the first American to be charged with treason since World War II.

If convicted, he faces the death penalty.

Known in Al Qaeda videos as “Azzam the American” or Azzam al-Amereeki, Gadahn was born in Oregon to a Jewish family.

His hippie father converted to Christianity before his son was born, changing the family name from Pearlman to Gadahn.

Adam Gadhan was homeschooled in southern California. He converted to Islam at 17 and moved to Pakistan in 1998 at 20.

Intelligence officials say he joined up with al Qaeda after 9/11 and attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

He became Osama bin Laden’s top propagandist, appearing in numerous internet videos calling for the destruction of America starting in 2004.

Charged with treason in 2006, he is believed to report directly to bin Laden’s right-hand man, Ayman al Zawahri.

Good news, and a nice win in the campaign against man-caused disasters.

Too bad this news got out so quickly, though.

I would have preferred a few weeks of intel gathering before the capture became public knowledge.  Now, if Holder’s DOJ has their way, we can expect the sumbich to lawyer up while he receives his Miranda rights, and the best legal defense that the public can afford.

Very cool indeed

Woo Hoo!

Check this out from Popular Science

We’ve partnered with Google to offer our entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements. It’s an amazing resource that beautifully encapsulates our ongoing fascination with the future, and science and technology’s incredible potential to improve our lives. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

In the future, we’ll be adding more advanced features for searching and browsing, but for now, enter any keyword into the box below and dive in.

Happy reading. And have a great weekend, y’all.

The science is settled, and we really really mean it

A team of British climate researchers has issued a study which makes the claim that the evidence for man-made global warming was ‘stronger than ever’.

I don’t know about you, but this time, I’m really, really convinced. Not.

Hopefully, British authorities will post a suicide watch for all of the true believers.

Doing the math on healthcare

Jim Geraghty is keeping score

…at this moment, if every wavering Democrat votes yes, and all of the pro-life Democrats vote yes, the bill passes. If any one of them flips, and none of the previous “no” votes flip, it’s game over, the bill can’t pass the House.

* Dang it. I missed one. Ignore the previous numbers that apparently included one extra Democrat.


It’s Primary Night in Texas

UPDATE: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has conceded the Texas Republican gubernatorial primary to Gov. Rick Perry.

Early returns are looking good for Rick Perry …

KBH                        45,530     30.65%
Debra Medina      23,914     16.09%
Rick Perry            79,094     53.24%

Go Rick!

Live-blogging the election returns at Urban Grounds

First Images of the Tsunami in Hawaii


Global warming suicide pact

from the Daily Mail

Argentines Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears about global warming.

Their son Francisco, two, died instantly after being hit in the back.

But their unnamed daughter cheated death after the bullet from her dad’s handgun missed her vital organs.

Paramedics rushed her to hospital covered in blood when police alerted by worried neighbours discovered the massacre three days later.

I blame Al Gore.


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