Fack to the Buture

I knew it had to happen sooner or later.

Got me one of those fancy smart phones.


El Nuko blasts into the 21st century. And it only took ten years!

15 Responses

  1. Okay time traveler, out with the details.
    Which one and who is the service provider?
    I’m hoping you don’t say a $97 iphone from Wal-Mart.

  2. HTC, cellular south

    • Which HTC model is it?
      You know, a link with all the specs and shiite.
      I was about ready to buy the HTC Tilt 2, I use ATT wireless, but the Windows operating system held me back.

  3. hand-eye coordination ain’t what it used to be, though. I’m hoping they roll out the dragon software package soon. This baby with a voice activation package would be pretty awesome.

  4. mazel tov…lmboooo 🙂

  5. HTC Hero.

    Runs Android

  6. $97 for a freakin’ phone? I’d never spend that much!

    /Heh. I spent a couple thousand when a huge bag phone with limited connectivity was the shit.

    If I had a business need for a fancy phone, I’d buy one in a heartbeat but I don’t. I just have a throwaway prepaid in case I need to call for a tow and/or to reassure SwampMan I’ve reached my destination yet again.

    • I had to twist around the pretzel logic to justify this one. But, if’n they add the dragon voice package to it, I’ll be using it a whole lot more.

  7. Hey, you can use that fancyass phone to take live shots of the tar balls washin’ up outta the gulf.

    /Could I have some? My driveway needs work.

    • Yes’m. I can do that.

      A relative of mine said the last group of tar balls turned out to be whale poop upon closer examination.

      This next batch ought to work real fine on your driveway, though.

  8. Dad got a smart phone??? wtf??? What has the world come to?

    Welcome to the 21st century Dad. 🙂

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