Hope for the Gulf Coast

An all natural, non-toxic oil emulsifier that is completely biodegradable, and has been proven to work on an oil sludge in Wyoming, offers hope to residents of the Gulf Coast.

Update: Video report

The product is the work of an Ocala, Florida company named Global Petroleum Environmental Technologies. It’s called Ecosafe.

From FirstCoastNews ….. ”  the U.S. Department of Energy, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, a congressman, and a leading environmental agency have praised the patented Ecosafe.

But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has not approved it, and until it does, Ecosafe cannot be used to clean up the Gulf oil spill.

You would think that an Administration that has made a living peddling hope would be all over this. Not this time, however.


Yesterday, Obama’s Secty of State reminded us of the Obama Mantra, “Never waste a good crisis.”

And, in an email sent out today, President Obama claimed that “… from the beginning, we have worked to deploy every tool at our disposal to respond to this crisis.

Well, not every tool, including one that is called, “most effective method of oil cleanup.”  And not Ecosafe, either.

How do you explain Team Obama’s disregard for the Gulf?  FecklessnessIncompetence? Or is it something else?

Obama has known from the beginning that the gusher would likely last for months. In fact, he was first briefed in April on how bad the spill would be. Some have concluded that Obama has decided to use this crisis to revive cap and trade legislation. Interestingly, the same EPA that is blocking Ecosafe has promised to implement cap and trade through regulatory procedures in the event that Congress fails to pass legislation.

Others have questioned if it is a red state-blue state thing. I’m not that cynical. Not yet, anyway.

Which brings me back to David Clark and Fernando deTorres of Ecosafe. They told FCN,

“There is a public out there without hope.

They think, ‘we can’t remediate our marshes.'”

Ecosafe is offering hope to the Gulf. Hope that is based on proven results, not rhetoric.

Are you listening Mr. President?

Update: Obama delivers knockout punch

h/t swampwoman

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  1. I heard about this tech in the second week of the leak and the spokeswoman was irate that no one in the admin would even return her calls or emails.
    Ødumbo knows what he is doing. Think of all the small businesses along the Gulf that will go under, all the new unemployed that will be reliant on the gubmint teat for their sustenance. In the mean time, he hasn’t even sent a post card to Nashville and a whole slew of folks are about to get their pink slips.
    The crises will always come. The opportunity to accelerate thousands of citizens becoming dependent on the gubmint is one that the administration couldn’t have planned or passed on.

  2. Glad you were able to use the link. It was on the local news here. I would have posted it myself, but this computer is pretty well fried. I only have intermittent internet access. Hell, the computer is out of commission most of the time. Maybe this weekend we’ll have time to go computer shopping. Or not.

    • Swampi, I bought a kick ass Dell on ebay for two Benjamins. It just came off lease and was a $1700 puter just three years ago. I boosted the RAM, bigger power supply and a graphics card, but still, this thing rocks.
      I can send a link to the ebay seller, if you want.

  3. Hunh. Sounds good! Send me the link, if you don’t mind. I “hope” I’ll be able to read it (but I ain’t bettin’ on it).

  4. Dang. I probably need to check the mail more often…I get busy, and don’t look because I’m freakin’ tired of looking at messages notifying me that I have a comment. I wonder if my mailbox is full of spam? I just peeked–5,000 messages. Yikes. Maybe that is what happened.

  5. SwampMan took pity on my computerless state and bought me a desktop model. He wanted to get me into the modern era with a notebook, but I would probably misplace it somewhere. At least with a desktop, I’m not going to absent-mindedly put it down where the German Shepherd can carry it off and bury it or a sheep will step on it.

  6. Oh, I couldn’t check my E-mail or here because the freakin’ computer died permanently. Thanks!

  7. The former freakin’ computer that let me down, that is. Not my new romance.

  8. Nope. All the pictures, recipes, resumes, etc. are gone. I need to start keeping paper copies!

  9. Hello All
    ECOSAFE EMS (GPET-Florida) will be performing demos next week. We had to perform some new test that EPA wanted us to perform, I hope that they dont come with another excuse to delay our technology implementation. We are going to surprise EPA with a new test that no other NCP list product can demonstrate, since non of them degrade organics. We will be present next week with all our tools and documentation , with the new testings on toxicity that are beyond what EPA requires and that no other accepted product in the NCP list can demonstrate.
    We are going to help all the affected communities and we are here to demonstrate this unique and proven technology that degrades any hazardous and non-hazardous organics on any contaminated matrix, even we degrade pure organic phase.
    WE ARE HERE TO HELP AND STAY!!!!!!!!!!! No more red tape and special interest to impede a proven solution to be applied to where its needed! Please pass the word out, we will be informing also the media to attend our different scheduled demos.

    • I wish you well, as do millions of others.

    • Thanks for coming by Fernando.

      Do you see Ecosafe more as way to treat marshes and coastlines, or something that could be sprayed from airplanes, crop duster style, over oil slicks in the Gulf?

      • Hello Nuke

        We are actually going to demostrate the technology for marsh, swamp and possibly estuaries. Once we do this the pressure is on to the responsable party. We are going under the radar to do this, as soon as we have the results we are going public with them. Then the real battle will start. Also Nuke we just tested for LC 50 and Bioassays, with no mortality % by the ECOSAFE/Oil/ Salt water mixture. We will publish this probably by tomorrow after our EPA submittal again. Now lets see what EPA says about this, we are the only non-toxic and the only product that renders petroleum Hydrocarbons non-toxic to marine aquatic life on contact as proved by one of the best labs in the US for this kind of studies. Nuke there is no category for our type of product in the NCP list, since non of them degrade organics by REDOX in an environmentally friendly manner and bieng non-toxic at the same time. I will keep you posted.
        Thanks for the support!!!
        On my way to help out the victims of this tragic incident I only hope that BP does not try to impede our efforts!

  10. Hmmmmm. Ecosafe sprayed could possibly clean aquatic birds right on the water.

    • We are sending some product to an organization today for them to use it and verify how great it works and at the same time how safe it is for the fauna.

  11. Hunh. I’d like to attend those demonstrations if there’s one in the Florida vicinity.

  12. I will post a location for Florida whe the time comes. We are going to be present to help out , Florida is our State and we are ready to defend it! Just like Mr Nonguesser has expressed this is a war and we will do everything possible in order to defend and protect our beaches in Florida!

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