Weekend Roundup and Open Thread

James Clapper is named DNI by the President Obama. …… Interesting criticism from Kit Bond regarding Clapper’s background in the military (USAF). Bond and others are saying that Clapper’s nomination signals that Obama’s efforts in the War on Terror will continue to have the greater emphasis on law enforcement, and …”would make the position susceptible to influence by the Pentagon, which already controls the bulk of the classified intelligence budget.

Bond said Clapper has previously undermined efforts to strengthen the intelligence director position, largely to preserve the Defense Department’s sway over intelligence spending. wapo

GOM briefs: T-Tech researcher gets EPA approval on new absorbent material to be used in the Gulf ………….. Cap on the well offers hope. Coast guard says 6,000 barrels recovered in 24 hours, approx 50% recovery rate. …………….. USF confirms oil plume, tar balls in Pensacola …………….. Tar balls, oil sheen, and odor reported at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach (AL) …………… John Hunt offers this roundup from LA. …………… the crisis continues.

TEOTWAWKI briefs: FDIC Friday, 3 more bite the big one ………….. Bank repos of foreclosed homes reaches a new monthly high (April stats), ……………… L’il Kim launches a new “super drink” to save mankind. “The state’s official news agency says the drink contains several dozen kinds of “microelements” that create new brain cells and halt age-related skin damage.” ……………… And, speaking of crazy, this article about the US economy that is “Too crazy to believe” ……………… Denninger has a set of prescriptions for the US. along with this warning: “either our President grows a set of clankers between his legs and forces this through one way or another or we will suffer a self-fulfilling collapse when our turn comes – and it will.” ……………… more to come.

Odds and ends: Minnesota Donk disparages Mississippi; from his ad, “If budget cuts were always the answer, then Mississippi would be a leader in this country,” … (Matt) Entenza said Minnesota has historically been near the top and Mississippi near the bottom on education and health care, “and now we’re falling down to that level.” Do tell. So the answer is what, more taxes and more spending? Jeebus, Matt. That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Pass that hopium bong this way, will ya? Jackass. ………… Jeb Bush “sounds Presidential” in NY. “Overhead from a top GOPer: “After this Obama nightmare, the Bush brand is looking pretty good.” ……………. Fire Helen Thomas! Said Ari Fleischer, “She is advocating religious cleansing. How can Hearst stand by her? If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs.”. Hear hear. ………………. The Truth is Out There UFO sightings in Oz, “It was a perfect spiral of light,” the witness said.

Finally, I ordered 2 of these yesterday. Not really sure why, I just wanted them, and the price was right.  Decent price on ammo, too.  Decent, but not cheap.  There just doesn’t seem to be  any cheap ammo out there any more.

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  1. Here’s a link for ya, Nuke: A Florida company has all natural biodegradable product to emulsify oil that is used in other countries, but is not approved for use by EPA here.

  2. JEB was a helluva good governor.

  3. Something up with the spirals…don’t know what but something.

    Good buy on the guns.

  4. Wished you had asked about the Russian guns before you bought.
    The only ammo you will find for it is…Russian, a real problem. You’ve got to beware of poor quality control and corrosive primers.
    If you can find any ammo from former Eastern Bloc countries, that would be the way to go, but good luck with that.
    You would have been better off with either an AK knock-off or an SKS knock-off, or if you wanted a bolt action, a U.S. made model.
    Too much linkage to follow right now.
    Went ahead and bought one of those iphones and am busy getting it setup and the bluetooth paired. Couldn’t wait, AT&T was changing their rate plans Monday and wanted to get grandfathered in on the unlimited data plan before it went away.

    • unlimited data makes it worth it.
      I still think the dragon app for droid will do wonders for iphone. I’m thinking of the millions of boomers with fat thumbs and shaky fingers who would get a lot of use out of voice activation. we shall see.

      BTW check your email

      • I use a bluetooth almost exclusively, so the voice activation doesn’t matter to me that much.
        Got to admit, it was nice being able to sync my email info and bookmarks by itune through my pc.
        Oh, btw, got the pc problem fixed. Got a new one, a Dell. So, in the past two months I have bought a pc, a laptop and an iphone.
        But don’t any of you dare call me a geek!!!

      • I really need to learn how to use my bluetooth stuff.

        sigh….10 more years, I guess.

      • If you have a bluetooth headset the instructions are really simple. There are even links to HTC and the bluetooth manufacturer that will guide you, as well as utube videos.
        It’s easier to activate than it was for me to type this.
        Honest and for true!

  5. Reading the instructions!
    What a concept.

    O, the email I sent you got stuck in draft status. I just re-sent it.

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