Oil Rain in Louisiana

This is a startling video.

Louisiana residents witness a strange rain that leaves oil puddles near their homes.

h/t tyler

31 Responses

  1. If that is real, can you imagine what will happen if a hurricane hits that?

  2. I don’t know about this, something doesn’t quite add up.

  3. Are you sure that ain’t my driveway after SwampMan changes the awl in the trucks?

  4. russian scientists say toxic rain a possibility

    • I listened to a little more than half of that droids commentary.
      I don’t doubt the dispersants pose a risk of toxicity in the gulf. I still doubt how the oil or a dispersant can be absorbed into the upper atmosphere and released in rain fall.
      It just don’t make sense to me.

  5. Beats me. If it could happen, we’d be collecting oil instead of rainwater in barrels.

  6. Didn’t any of your people use burned motor oil under fencelines as a temporary weed killer? You would think that this place would be a toxic wasteland covered with dead wildlife and no vegetation because of the sheer amount of oil spilled/dumped/used to kill weeds over the years here. Heck, the ditch that the neighbor dumped his oil in from changing his 18 wheelers’ oil has weeds regrowing.

    I reckon I got more oil all over me helping SwampMan repair my vehicle last weekend than anybody swimming in the gulf will get. I haven’t seen any of the folks that change oil for a living wearing hazmat suits.

  7. I believe I’m going to watch some old Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire clips on YouTube. They are smoking and drinking with nary a government heath nanny in sight.

  8. Well, if the Federal government forces us all to evacuate, where do you want to meet up at? Oklahoma?

  9. I’m bringing the camper

  10. Heh. Cue up the deliverance music for our arrival.

    /Ain’t skeered and ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  11. Dangit, I want to do a post about the EPA having a law where milk is now reclassified as oil and a hazardous waste plan has to be in effect for any spills, but I really start hyperventilating and wanting to commit mayhem whenever I think about it.

  12. milk makes me fart.
    And that is mucho hazardous

  13. Snort.

  14. oil does not evaporate completely till 650F so i find it hard to believe and any of the low grade evaporants wash away in water so the rain would just get rid of them

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