GTT–The New Reconstruction

I’ve mentioned before that one of the phrases I recall from Mississippi History class, all those years ago, was the phrase “Gone to Texas.”

In the era known as “Reconstruction,” thousands of Mississippians migrated to Texas for a new beginning, often leaving the letters “GTT” scrawled on the door of their abandoned homes.

With all the chatter on the internets about toxic rains, raising the possibility of mass evacuations of the Gulf Coast, is a new era of Reconstruction soon to begin for the Deep South? I realize that this is all just internet rumor and speculation at this point, and I don’t take it seriously. But somewhere in the corners of my mind, a nagging suspicion and an uneasiness exists. It has begun to occupy my thoughts. Is it prudent to at least begin thinking about contingencies?

I don’t know what others will do. But, for me and mine, if it comes about, I think I know where we’ll go.

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  1. Its the dispersant corexit 9500 that worries me the most, toxic at 2.61 ppm and can turn into a gas in warm water, takes 28 days to break down. Have to wait and see what happens hopefully it won’t move to far inland.

  2. Such a great song and video, I never tire of it.
    Here is another video to show that East Texas is very much like other southern states.
    Shot in my old home town and around/near Caddo Lake.

  3. GTG–gone to Georgia.

    Last year, one of the high school teachers at SwampMan’s school (English and History), a retired submariner, packed up his daughter and moved to Texas. Said he figured we’d have to make a stand somewhere, and he wanted to be settled in near family when it happened.

  4. You gotsta have a plan.

  5. my plan A has always been to bug-in.

    Relocating at least 100 mi north or northwest hasn’t even occurred to me. And to do it on a short notice, well, daunting seems to be the right word for it.

  6. But, if it came down to bugging out with family, or going to a fema camp, then the choice becomes much clearer.

  7. N2l, when people are bugging out from a freakin’ hurricane down south the freeways come to a complete standstill with a very small part of the population (usually the strip along the coast) leaving.

    Most of that dispersant should have already broken down.

    • Okay Swampie, but I’m only talking about if the gubmint ordered a mass evac.
      The damage that would do would be devastating. Of course, there are a whole bunch who would never comply.

  8. Anybody with livestock/animals would probably stay because the animals couldn’t go.

  9. Well, them retired yankees in south Florida might pay attention, but the rest of us mostly tell the Feds to eff off.

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