Happy Birthday, America

From the seeds of discontent with a tyrannical monarchy, to the contentious discussions of a new nation’s Constitution, our independence was fiercely fought and justly earned.

The fight for independence began this day two hundred thirty four years ago and is ongoing.

Reflect on what we have been given from those who earned it. Honor them by remaining vigilant in guarding their legacy so that those who follow may have the same opportunity.

May God continue to bless America!

6 Responses

  1. “May God continue to bless America!”

    Amen bro.

    Great video memory>> Rick Monday saves flag from miscreants.

    • Man, time sure does go quick.
      I was discharged from the USAF on 1 Jul 76 and was scheduled to begin at UT for the second summer semester. On 4 Jul 76, when this occurred, I was at a Willie Nelson brain fry festival. What a disgusting collection of humanity I encountered there. The crowd at a huge rock concert a few weeks before was far and away a better class of people. Unlike at Willie’s brain fry, I didn’t see one person injecting heroin nor heard of a single rape at the rock festival.
      I was so glad to get home that evening and when I did, the Rick Monday video was on the news.
      Great play Rick, indeed.

  2. Ooooh! Where’s the cake and ice cream? Did n2l blow out all the candles?

  3. Happy Independence Day my friends. Love that Rick Monday video.

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